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  1. Tedzy

    Witch hazel

    One of shave's essential juices. :lol:
  2. Tedzy

    A cream that surprised you?

    +5 for Arko I ordered five from Phil at BullGoose when he had them for $1 each. You can't beat that price. THAT is dirt cheap. And the performance is amazing. A little goes a long way. I have a few to choose from: Maximum Comfort, Moist, and Cool. So far I have only used the Maximum...
  3. Tedzy

    Happy Holidays PIF

    I'm in. I've also never tried an OC. Thanks for the opportunity.
  4. Tedzy

    707th post straight starter PIF

    Congratulations, Pontoppidan!
  5. Tedzy

    AOS power shave brush

    This has come up a few times before. Looks like a gimmick.
  6. Tedzy

    Work boots

    +1 I wear Wolverines at work. If memory serves, they were under $100, and they've lasted me over a year and look like they can take several more.
  7. Tedzy

    My first two dances with the Fatboy

    Welcome, Jumboman, and uhh yeah, keep dancing with the fat boy. I moved to DE from a M3 too. I'm not an expert, but I look at it like this: The M3 has 3 blades, per pass. It does not operate one blade at a time, therefore if you get the same shave as you do with a 3 blade razor with a 2-pass...
  8. Tedzy

    Did Anyone See This Rolex on eBay

    That is really incredible. If I were him, my arm would probably be bleeding from pinching myself with each incoming bid. Great story, thanks for sharing.
  9. Tedzy

    inexpensive button downs for daily wear?

    I enjoy my Arrow brand button downs. They're definitely on the cheaper side, but the 'wrinkle-free if you hang them out of the drier' option is great for the busy scholar. They're not ritzy by any means, but they work. They offer different styles and colors/finishes. They run around $25 a pop.
  10. Tedzy

    Arrested Development

    +1 I HIGHLY second this! A few years after Arrested Development (classic) this came out and it has similar humor, I'm really glad its on Netflix. The scientists in Better Off Ted are awesome! I just finished watching the seasons of "A Bit of Fry and Laurie," which is great if you like british...
  11. Tedzy

    Hello from NC

    Welcome to B&B, nice blog you've got there.
  12. Tedzy

    707th post straight starter PIF

    I'd like a chance to win this, please. I've never owned a straight razor or strop, and money is quite tight for me now. I have been DE shaving for a while and like many I started DE shaving for the cost benefits, but almost immediately was astonished by the closeness of the shave and the...
  13. Tedzy

    About me

    Welcome, welcome! :biggrin1:
  14. Tedzy

    Kitchen gadgets you wouldnt want to do without?

    Knife sharpening rod. Dull knives frustrate.
  15. Tedzy

    First DE shave

    Welcome to B&B! You won't get your best shave the first try, there's a little learning curve, but I don't think it's a difficult or long one. I recommend focusing on 1) prep and lather, 2) grain, 3) just enough pressure, and 4) blade angle (25-30degrees).
  16. Tedzy

    Rum Help

    +1 for Sailor Jerry, reminds me of college.
  17. Tedzy

    Manual vs Automatic

    I wouldn't own anything without power at the rear wheels (RWD or AWD) and a manual shift.
  18. Tedzy

    First Razor change; to a BlueTip

    Congratulations, Mike! Close shaves without irritation is the name of the game.
  19. Tedzy

    Whey recommendations?

  20. Tedzy

    Whey recommendations?

    Gold Standard 100% Whey
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