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  1. binowatch

    Carry-on Air Travel. A DE solution??

    BE CAREFUL! I said pretty much the same thing on the forum and few weeks ago when there were worries about taking an alum block and folks jumped all over me telling me to buck up, don't fly if you don't like it, that the issue is not rights and freedom but shaving, etc. I agree with you!
  2. binowatch

    Disposal of used DE blades when in hotel?

    I thought you just push them into the apples many hotels have in bowls in the lobby/hallway. Seriously, I wrap them up in the note pad paper by the phone and put them in the garbage in the bathroom. I suspect the bags from the BR and shown some respect anyway!!
  3. binowatch

    What I want in a fountain Pen: Suggestions?

    That is my on and off affair with fountain pens also!! I love them but sooner or later disaster strikes. Cheap ones, dear ones, cartridge or reservoir, retractable, snap or screw cap, fine or medium nibs, gold or steel-at some point some part of me or my stuff is covered in ink. Out come the gel...
  4. binowatch

    Shaving Cream Vs Soap

    I will use creams as they are but usually make an ueber-lather when using soap-eg. add in a little cream, often a brushless cream. Creams are usually a little faster to work with and are my work day choices. On days off I prefer the luxury of a soap.
  5. binowatch

    My dream of an edible shaving cream goes down in flames...

    Risk of going off thread but Ballistol is even recommended for shaving!!
  6. binowatch

    My dream of an edible shaving cream goes down in flames...

    Try olive oil, corn oil, peanut oil etc. etc. I once squeezed the contents of a flaxseed oil capsule (same a linseed oil) to try as a preshave oil and it worked OK. What about whipped cream cheese?
  7. binowatch

    Two showers a day

    Try showering in the coolest water you can stand. Hot water is much harder on the skin-increased dilation of the superficial blood vessels and dissolving natural skin oils. Simple Dove soap is really pretty good and try using soap only where you really need it-you know- letting the rest of you...
  8. binowatch

    Injector blades from Vermont Country Store

    Just got the new catalogue today from VCS and they have an unbranded 20 pack of single edge injector blades for $14.95. On the same page is a TTO razor which I suspect is a big mark-up on a Weishi or similar razor and 10 DE blades (no name) for 9.90!!!
  9. binowatch

    Walmart Wilkies

    Are the Wally blades the same as those found as store brands in places like Wallgreens, RiteAide, various supermarkets? I've tried some from various places and they seemed about the same- so so - nothing horrible but certainly not you first choice.
  10. binowatch

    Brylcreem = brilliantine + cream

    I always thought one of the brushes was a hair brush and the other a clothing brush. I was cleaning out an old box of junk today and found my "Brylcream knife"-it was a cheap folded pocket knife with a nail file with a hooked tip and a sheepsfoot type 1-1 1/4" blade-no spring or lock, just a...
  11. binowatch

    Brylcreem = brilliantine + cream

    Did you describe your hair just to make those of us who are "follicle challenged" feel badly about ourselves??!!:crying::wink2::wink2:
  12. binowatch

    Had to use an electric shaver this morning. Oh, the horror!

    I have cleared the house of the sundry electrics I rec'd as gifts over the years. However, I have kept a gyroscopic razor-you pull a spring loaded cord repeatedly getting the gyroscope flying and spinning the blades. It has quite a bit of torque and is fun to use. Unfortunately, it shaves like...
  13. binowatch

    Any Buddhists?

    One of the great strengths and remarkable qualities of Buddhism is its ability to provide a vast range of advice that can be used by others of any faith. That is not to say those doing that are Buddhists, rather many useful life skills can be learned from it. Some of my colleagues are...
  14. binowatch

    Learn a foreign language - what's the best way?

    Check out "TellMeMore". I have used their French and German programs and they are very good. Much depends on your learning style, background in the language and previous language learning experience. For some a standard textbook and audio disks, others an immersion computer system, some do best...
  15. binowatch

    Black and White a phase?

    I always thought B+W portraiture to be much more dramatic and expressive that color. I even spent the few dollars we had for a formal wedding picture (going on 35 years ago) for a B+W one and have never regretted it. The emphasis on contrast and shadow rather than color has always appealed to...
  16. binowatch

    Cat's and brushes

    As I recall there was a thread like this about a year ago--thus, this must be a widespread and persistent phenomenon. As long as their intentions are predatory and not amorous I would just wash my brushes carefully as cat mouths can contain some really nasty bugs. If the later, I would leave a...
  17. binowatch

    Is wearing black with brown now fashionably acceptable?

    Brown may go with brown, tan, blue, gray, green, etc with no problem. Black is probably a reach, at least for me. Then again, until recently, black suits in the US were relegated to servants and funeral directors! Even today most black suits have a pin or chalk stripe etc. Charcoal is...
  18. binowatch

    Help for my whites

    Kiwi white liquid polish seem more like paint to me but certainly can make the shoes look white. If the shoes are new and unmarked I would first try putting several coats of neutral or clear paste wax on them as a protective barrier and try to keep them up with a daily buff and reapplication as...
  19. binowatch

    Losing Track

    All my razors in the rotation are in a test tube rack. I go right to left and use each blade/razor 1 week or usually 5 shaves. I then discard that blade, leaving the razor empty and move to the next and so on. When the are all empty I clean the razors as needed and reload and repeat. The only...
  20. binowatch

    Post Shave Science- Questions???

    Everything Foyle said is right on!! Succinct in correct!!
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