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  1. JapPop

    Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

    Feather High-stainless (14) It is very durable blade but on the last about 2-3 days I needed not a few pressure for decent shave.
  2. JapPop

    What is your worst blade?

    Thanks,I understand that at least those Chinese Blades are no good for you,and may be for me also
  3. JapPop

    What is your worst blade?

    >Dlg How was Tian Li Blade?that is Chinese
  4. JapPop

    Best 2020 soaps? (lather wise)

    Does anyone here know the "More for you" shaving soap? How is this?
  5. JapPop

    Shark Super Stainless

    Shark SS is great for me,but,I feel this blade is not so durable. I often feel stuck when shave with the 3-4 times used Shark SS. I always throw away Shark within 3-5 uses.Mottainai.
  6. JapPop

    The Tech Clone Wars

    Atlantic 59 Oh,This may be my mistake. But,also Connaught says,this is "DE2" RazoRock Safety Razors - https://connaughtshaving.com/rrrazors.html
  7. JapPop

    The Tech Clone Wars

    Recently I received Baili BT171 that same as Razorock DE2,from AliExpress This was priced only 770 JPY.And pretty Good!! I cannot find the reason of why don't buy this.
  8. JapPop

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Gillette silver blue (5) Excellent blade,but not so durable
  9. JapPop

    What is your worst blade?

    How does the Chinese Gillette compare to Chinese Tian Li Blue Blade?
  10. JapPop

    What is your worst blade?

    Is the Astra rough?
  11. JapPop

    Beer of the Day - BOTD - 2020

    Sapporo lager is my best Japanese lager beer
  12. JapPop

    First use of feather popular TTO

    If someone use Feather Popular as daily driver, he'll become the popular man?
  13. JapPop

    What are you listening to?

    Lana Del Rey - ULTRAVIOLENCE She is cute,pretty I love Her very
  14. JapPop

    The Tech Clone Wars

    Atlantic59 Thanks!Ok I'll choice BT171.And,I prefer to choice Baili than RazoRock because shipping fee to Japan from china is cheaper than from Canada.I'm understand that these razors are same product.
  15. JapPop

    Does anyone on here use the triple DE-blades razor?

    Someone please try to buy and use it!
  16. JapPop

    Does anyone on here use the triple DE-blades razor?

    That's weird,curiously! https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/2020-main-stream-new-type-multilayer_62335608090.html
  17. JapPop

    The Tech Clone Wars

    I'm interested to buy Tech-like razors. One of those is RazoRock DE1 = Baili BT171 The other is RazoRock Tech II = Baili BD191 Which is better?I think latter is good,but I wonder if the handle is too slippery. Former looks like a little bit too short handle,isn't it? Which should I buy?
  18. JapPop

    What is your worst blade?

    hmm... sorry, I mean especially Derby extra,but probably some people say Derby including also premium. I have no experience of any Derby, but a few people say Premium is just slightly better than Extra,or almost same worthless. I don't know well about Usta, but this is still Derby,I think.
  19. JapPop

    What is your worst blade?

    How so many people say Derby is the worst!
  20. JapPop

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Oh my Feather's High Stainless with Fatip Piccolo is the best combination what ever I've used
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