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  1. Macduff

    Favorite shaving “softgoods” of 2020?

    So with 2020 now firmly in the books, what was your favorite “softgoods” shaving product of last year? By softgoods i mean simply anything that is an impermanant product: soaps, creams, aftershaves, blades, etc. My top product this year was Wizamet blades. I’ve tried a lot of blades and so far...
  2. Macduff

    No post-shave anyone?

    Like others here i went my entire shaving life (almost 20 years) sans aftershave until i picked up a DE razor. I tried Old Spice splash shortly after and have never looked back! Now it’s my favorite part of the shave. Honestly though, were it not for the scents and the burn (or the menthol...
  3. Macduff

    Is a Stainless Steel Razor Head Necessary?

    Snobbery has its place in all venues; including this one. With that said, i think you’re right that most people here buy things because they truly enjoy them and not to be elitist. Regarding the original question, i think the advantage of a stainless razor is relative to what you’re looking to...
  4. Macduff

    Christmas Eve/Christmas Day shave?

    I’ll be traveling so it’ll be a Gillette Tech, Viking’s Sword blade, Arko stick and some Old Spice aftershave. A bit envious of all the cool themed shaves here though! Merry Christmas to all!
  5. Macduff

    Kai Stainless Blades: My Saga Continues

    Judging by the info you’ve provided, it seems to me that you’d be best served by moving on. I’ve so far used over 50 different blades and honestly only 2 or 3 are what i’d consider “top tier.” Most are good to very good, some are awful and a select few are really great. I think if you order a...
  6. Macduff

    2021 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek

    Thanks Gary but the more i thought about it, the more i didn’t like the idea of buying 4 soaps at a time. I think i’ll stick with the leap year rules and wish you gents good luck!
  7. Macduff

    2021 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek

    I’d love to join but i only ever have one soap on hand so when it’s done i buy to replace it. Is that acceptable or would i have to buy a stash for the year? Only reason i ask is because i’m in the leap year sabbatical and from my understanding it’s buy to replace items only.
  8. Macduff

    First shave for teenage son

    I wouldn’t have him use a DE on his second shave just because he might get turned off to them if he gets cut up. What i’d recommend is buying some single blade Bic disposables and have him use those for a bit. The angle is fixed but it’ll give him a good idea what shaving with a single blade is...
  9. Macduff

    Post Shave Irritation, What Works Best For You?

    Krampert’s Finest Frostbite aftershave. Great menthol kick, great scent (if you like fresh pine) and leaves your face feeling nice. It’s about halfway between a splash and balm so your face won’t feel “greasy” but it won’t dry out like with a lot of splashes. Top notch stuff!
  10. Macduff

    Preshave Differences Wet vs. Electric?

    Really would depend on whether you have a “wet-dry” electric shaver or one meant for dry shaving only. With a wet-dry i think you could use the same preshave products people use for DE, carts, etc. If you’re talking about dry shaving only, something like Lectric Shave is probably your best bet...
  11. Macduff

    2020-2024 Leap Year Restraint/2020s Restraint (10 years)

    Hey Stan how is the original OS soap? Was always curious if it’s as good as everyone said it was.
  12. Macduff

    2020-2024 Leap Year Restraint/2020s Restraint (10 years)

    2 products went down on the same day: Grooming Dept Preshave and my GIS Barbershop cream I bought in Greece. Both lasted an insanely long time. The pre-shave has been going every shave since 02/2019!
  13. Macduff

    2020-2024 Leap Year Restraint/2020s Restraint (10 years)

    Sad to see you go @Sotiris_A but hopefully your purchase leads to a whole new shaving avenue to have fun with! Updated List: Leap Year Restraint 1. @GaryTha 2. @Chandu 3. @Pepin 4. @byDoms 5. @jamesearthdrum 6. @Macduff 7. @RTM 8. @martym 9. @StAnger667 10. @Thomas Darkblade 11. @JAHE 12...
  14. Macduff

    Treet carbon steel blades

    Yep they suck. Super dull and tuggy and it’s nearly impossible to keep them from rusting. The blade is so cool looking though.
  15. Macduff

    What Soap/AS scents do you consider to be “old man” Scents?

    Nice post @AimlessWanderer. I especially like “The bolder floral scents though, they were the ones that unsettled me in the 70s, when the old were unfathomably old, and distant in aspects far more than age alone.” Scent really is a complex thing and i think that line really sums up what this...
  16. Macduff

    One pass shaving = increased blade life?

    +1 I was going to post my thoughts but @santamariasteve pretty much summed them up.
  17. Macduff

    What Soap/AS scents do you consider to be “old man” Scents?

    I think the crux of the “old vs young” smell perception is citrus and “weight.” The lighter, citrusy scents are perceived to be younger and the heavier, muskier scents, older. Someone pointed out that Gillette Cool Wave came out in 93’ but was still viewed as a non-old man scent while others...
  18. Macduff

    Gel vs. Lather

    If you like convenience i highly recommend Cremo. I really think it’s the best non-lathering product out there. And to echo everyone else here, wet is better than dry in all instances. As far as balms go, if you don’t mind unscented i’d go with Rugged and Dapper. It’s by far the best...
  19. Macduff

    Should I deplete shaving creams before using shaving soaps

    Not speaking from experience since i tend to use what i have before i start a new soap/cream but i think your logic in using the creams first is solid. I’d assume anything liquid would go bad faster.
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