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  1. afpist

    PantaRei " VINCENT " Shaving Soap + Aftershave, n. 80 limited pieces -

    Ciao! PantaRei VINCENT is already available in my website :) This is the new ceramic (Limited to 80 pieces) edition after the GATTOPARDO shaving soap (always available in "plastic" version). PantaRei Vincent, is a tribute to a Man and an extraordinary artist: Vincent Van Gogh. The Esperidata...
  2. afpist

    PantaRei ZAMMU' .. here we go!

  3. afpist


    That you love my city is certainly not a known thing. But with this shaving soap near the exit, I wanted to pay tribute to a "habit" that characterized much of Palermo's history between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the last century. The presence in the city of vendors of...
  4. afpist

    PantaRei Ibla shaving soap + aftershave, released.

    here we go! Ibla shaving soap comes back with his aftershave! https://www.pantareibrushes.it/en/product/shaving-soap-pantarei-ibla-100ml/ https://www.pantareibrushes.it/en/product/aftershave-pantarei-ibla-100ml/ Pantarei Brushes is a craft brand that has its roots in Sicily. The ceramic and...
  5. afpist

    PantaRei Ibla Shaving Soap ... "plastic" Edition!

    A Fiat 500 ... a simple "little car" that made history in Italy ... and with which it would go until the end of the world ... my grandfather was like that ..! For two Sundays a month, "the odd ones" as he used to say, we went to get to know my land, we got up very early in the morning and came...
  6. afpist

    PantaRei Mare PotteryWood Edition

    The exclusive Brush, unique in the world, done by a piece of handpainted pottery + an handmade piece of wood... Inviato dal mio iPhone utilizzando Tapatalk
  7. afpist

    PantaRei VENICE natural horse knot

    Here we go! A brush done under commission by a Customer!
  8. afpist

    PantaRei Jack, mustang knot 28mm.

    Goodmorning ... an alcoholic Sunday ! Available on demand.
  9. afpist

    PantaRei " Ken - Do "

    Ciao! just some pics about a work for a Customer, just completed and on the way!
  10. afpist

    PantaRei INDIAN pottery brush

    Here we go! Done for a Customer :)
  11. afpist

    PantaRei ADMIN purewood brush ===> Tuxedo version

    Ciao Guys, here we have the PantaRei "ADMIN" model, a special edition for Administrator of Rasoio&Pennello Italian fb group. The model will be placed in the store but with 3 horn inlays and badger knots (or dark /white synth knot). The brush in pic is not finished but WIP yet ...:)
  12. afpist

    A Special Sotd

    Today, shave with my usual Gattopardo Shaving Soap. To say "usual" is partly true: I shave with this soap for more than 2 months between tests and ... mere pleasure. Inside it is all my conception of shaving soap, beautifully interpreted by the Craftsman: a non-obvious fragrance that surprises...
  13. afpist

    a lather bowl dedicated to ....

    two GREAT men!
  14. afpist

    PantaRei Gattopardo Shaving Soap Refill 100gr.

    Good morning, given the other Gattopardo soap request, a refill version will come out soon, suitable both for those who already have the ceramic bowl and for those who want to buy it as a simple soap to use. Rgds, Alessandro.
  15. afpist


    Follow the link ====> PantaRei Gattopardo BUNDLE Sapone 150gr. + Aftershave 100ml. - PantaRei Brushes
  16. afpist

    PantaRei Strop Wid 8cm Van Gogh

    PantaRei Strop, handmade in a bull’s shoulder with a hand-painted ceramic plate. High quality finishes and materials. Peculiarity of the woven handle made entirely by hand (“RED” leather, first grain cowhide, hand finished). Approximate measurements: 73cm (useful area 50cm) x 8,00cm /...
  17. afpist

    how is the PantaRei Gattopardo Shaving Soap!

    how is the PantaRei Gattopardo Shaving Soap!
  18. afpist

    Last 18 bundles PantaRei Gattopardo Shaving Soap + Aftershave

    PantaRei Gattopardo BUNDLE Sapone 150gr. + Aftershave 100ml. - PantaRei Brushes LAST 18 BUNDLES AVAILABLES. Totally handmade, handpainted in Italy.
  19. afpist

    PantaRei Gattopardo Available

    Buongiorno! DISPONIBILE SUL SITO WWW.PANTAREIBRUSHES.COM PantaRei Gattopardo nuovamente disponibile in 19 bundles (o venduti singolarmente). New Gattopardo shaving soap 19 units availables in bundle (or not)...! link ITA qui: https://www.pantareibrushes.it/…/pantarei-gattopardo-bundl…/ ENG...
  20. afpist

    Second & last production of PantaRei Gattopardo Shaving Soap -

    Seconda ed ultima produzione del sapone (ed aftershave correlato) PantaRei Gattopardo. La ciotola realizzata interamente a mano, non verra' mai piu' riprodotta. Esistenti solo 100 esemplari. Acquistabile a breve qua: Si è cercato gattopardo - PantaRei Brushes *** Second and last production of...
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