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  1. SpannerX

    New RR head coming soon?

    This popped up on my FB feed 5 hours ago.
  2. SpannerX

    Weishi Nostalgic 2.0 Adjustable Razor

    Just used my Nostalgic 2.0 (horrible name) for the first time in ages, with a Voskhod razor on its second use, and gave myself a DFS with very little effort. (Derby soap, Omega boar brush, and Proraso pre-shave were used). Now, I did have it wide open, since anything besides that and it does...
  3. SpannerX

    Razorock new design

    This popped up in my FB feed today: RazoRock - ItalianBarber.com on Instagram: “Watch me transform! Slide for more pics...” Interesting to say the least.
  4. SpannerX

    Here's a small project, how would you rate these blades, sharpness/smoothness

    Okay, here's my current inventory of blades, from 100 packs down to one/a partial tuck left. I think it would be interesting to see how users would rate these blades on smoothness/ sharpness. Some of these I haven't used yet, seeing as how they were in sampler packs and just haven't gotten...
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