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  1. Tricky

    The Converter is Empty

    Will load up Lamy Dark Lilac for today. Unmatched shading and just a lovely deep purple.
  2. Tricky

    Fountain pen day - November 6th 2020

    I have to write roughly a million thank you cards (just got married). Seems like a good way to celebrate the day!
  3. Tricky

    What soap has the best container?

    It has to be Tabac. Czech & Speake is the runner up.
  4. Tricky


    I’m loving this thread!!! More pictures!!
  5. Tricky

    Another icon passes RIP 007

    Gonna have to watch untouchables today
  6. Tricky

    “Once in a Blue Moon” PIF

    Great idea! I’ll pass though, got too many unused samples as is.
  7. Tricky

    How I Manage Excess Lather

    With something so easily replaceable, it just goes down the drain.
  8. Tricky

    Bygone Soaps

  9. Tricky

    'True' Barbershop scents (like clubman) ?

    The Pinaud Bay Rum is the scent I am almost certain was used at the barber shop on base growing up.
  10. Tricky


    Not only is that a beautiful rod/reel combo, that is some great photography!!
  11. Tricky

    Bygone Soaps

    What I would do for Irisch Moos to come back. I have maybe a fourth of a stick left. When it’s gone, that’ll be that.
  12. Tricky

    The colder weather is coming. Seasonal soaps?

    Tabac works in ALL seasons!
  13. Tricky

    Face Lathering?

    I prefer face lathering, I feel like it’s good exfoliation too!
  14. Tricky

    You had a bad shave. What soap do you use on your next shave?

    Tabac... always tabac
  15. Tricky

    Recommendations for cigar style pens?

    Ranga makes a really fine cigar style pen. They even come with Jowo or Schmidt nibs. Can be purchased on eBay, but I like to find them on Fountain Pen Network!
  16. Tricky

    What Are You Reading?

    love all ofSanderson’s stuff. Can’t wait for his next Stormlight book!!
  17. Tricky

    I am finally ready to admit it- I hate Williams Mug Soap!

    With all the options in the world today, it’s just not worth it if you don’t get complete satisfaction with any give soap. Use it as a boat soap in the shower and grab you something new.
  18. Tricky

    All clad cleaning

    Awesome. Will give this a try!
  19. Tricky

    All clad cleaning

    Okay, I’ll pick up barkeepers friend and some gloves. What kind of cleaning instrument? Sponge/scrubby/or gentle steel wool?
  20. Tricky

    Stealing a shave away from home

    Everything’s more fun when you are doing something where you feel you shouldn’t. What will you say if/when you get caught?! 😂 my vote... do it!
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