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  1. Captain Whiskers

    New razor day - Fatip Piccolo SE

    My new razor arrived today - it's a Fatip Piccolo SE! I ordered it from Shaving Station in the UK - great customer service - I cannot recommend them enough! I've been using an Edwin Jagger DE89 for a year with good results. I'm looking forward to seeing how this compares!
  2. Captain Whiskers

    Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow Updated?

    I recently tested some Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge blades and liked them enough to order 50 more. The blades I've received are laser etched on one side whereas the blades I tested had black ink on. Are they the same blade or have I got fakes? I know Astra SP blades were updated in a similar...
  3. Captain Whiskers

    Feather blade alternatives

    Hi all! I've been using Feather blades since I started DE shaving a couple months ago. I can only get 2 comfortable shaves per blade - 1 WTG pass and 1 ATG pass. Is there anything that matches the sharpness of the Feather with better longevity? I've experimented with Derby blades which work...
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