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  1. Hecklor Koch

    Labor Day contest!

    My time in the military was the hardest job, the job I learned the most from, and well anything imaginable. It was there in Korea where I had a defining moment in my life. I sat on top of the mountain and wondered what life may hold for me. Off in a foreign country, going through a divorce...
  2. Hecklor Koch

    FS Vintage Gillettes

    I will take #6
  3. Hecklor Koch

    Dating a ABC Razor and interesting facts

    Actually I didn’t know anything about these razors. Noscrubs and I were talking about them and I found one in the wild. Funny how life works sometimes. I am actually very impressed with the quality shave. I used my newly purchased Darby blades in this and it shaved like a dream. I have my my...
  4. Hecklor Koch

    Dating a ABC Razor and interesting facts

    That is what is some interesting to me. There is even a couple pictures because he made a name for himself.
  5. Hecklor Koch

    Dating a ABC Razor and interesting facts

    lol I was thinking the same thing about Horace. Funny you aid that
  6. Hecklor Koch

    Dating a ABC Razor and interesting facts

    So I picked up a ABC razor set in the wild. Interesting thing is it was owned by a Horace J Stevens. I googled the name and this guy wrote books and was a leading expert on copper. SN looks like A or a 4861384
  7. Hecklor Koch

    How many times, learning with straight razor.

    First I think straights are just so cool and masculine looking. I ran before I crawled and went out and picked up a few straights that looked good and or I read they were very good quality. Which brings me to my question. How many times does it usually take to learn how to shave with a...
  8. Hecklor Koch

    Knowledge request on the EZ 9mm

    My 9 year old daughter can rack it back
  9. Hecklor Koch

    Sig or Glock

    well the sig 365 would be my answer, why? It’s the smallest of the bunch, yet very ample mag capacity, and nice to shoot. Glock 19 is largest and reliable and easy to shoot. Very ugly and not as easily concealed. glock 43x is a middle ground but doesn’t do the small or the large well like...
  10. Hecklor Koch

    FN AR15 Carbine? Or Keep the S&W?

    Ha I just gave restrain, and reason of doing so (mags, ammo)! However since you mention it, it’s not my $ do as you wish and but it. However if it were me red dot, mags, ammo!!
  11. Hecklor Koch

    Knowledge request on the EZ 9mm

    I have the ez 380 and while I wanted to not like it for myself, wow I was really impressed. Recoil is almost nothing, racking the slide can be done with two fingers, the trigger is like 3.5 lbs, and mine is very accurate . I have t shot the ez 9 but I can say it’s not as easy as the 380 to rack...
  12. Hecklor Koch

    Carry Revolver - What are the options?

    I have multiple and my choice is in order of preference Ruger LCR (38 spc), 642/442, and LCR 22 mag
  13. Hecklor Koch

    FN AR15 Carbine? Or Keep the S&W?

    My thought is keep the S&W AR15. If you want something new then get a red dot, or some mags and ammo. Wait we are talking about the original S&W 15 and not a sport? If it’s the 15 I would keep it. S&W has a great warranty, and is good to go. Btw I have S&W, Ruger, Sig,colt, etc. I no longer have...
  14. Hecklor Koch

    Vetiver Citron

    this is why different scents work with the chemistry of people’s body. Myself I usually spray two sprays of any cologne and feel that is and should be adequate. Curious how many sprays you used?
  15. Hecklor Koch

    Vetiver Citron

    I find for myself that the vetiver citron scent doesnt last long. The sandalwood cypress has longevity.
  16. Hecklor Koch

    whats your most expensive fountain pen

    Montblanc 149
  17. Hecklor Koch

    Ivory question?

    Ivory like elephant tusk
  18. Hecklor Koch

    My First Fountain Pen: Pilot Metropolitan... Fine or Medium?

    Great starter pen for sure. Not knocking your purchase, as I have one of these and like it alright. To me its allot like safety razors. I prefer vintage as opposed to new. Well with fountain pens I love the gold and other metals previous used it just seems to glide and flow better. you will...
  19. Hecklor Koch

    Ivory question?

    Revival from the deal. Is there a new way to find out if scales are ivory or bone?
  20. Hecklor Koch

    Straight Razor

    I have attempted to get into straight razors, and I am not enjoying when I shave. I am sure partly because I am shaving with them incorrectly but still its a hassle for me. So my question is how do I know how straight razors are For example I have a Excellent + (advertised NOS) Red Imp, I have...
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