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  1. Isaias

    Prada Infusion d'homme.

    For quite a while now people have asked me for a fragrance that smells like a nice neutral triple milled soap. Something that smells like Williams or just plainly clean and without a typical coloney trying-hard nonsense. In the past, I was only able to recommend Speik Cologne or Puro Lino, but...
  2. Isaias

    Stand up comedy teacher routine.

    A while ago there was this youtube video of someone taking about the value of teaching; someone posted it in here, but I cannot find it. Does any one remember who posted it or where can I find it? It was a really funny, inspirational video I want to share with a few people I know who are just...
  3. Isaias

    Scent it Forward Thread.

    Tired of waiting for the train? Let's move on. I got this idea from Basenotes. * I will post my wardrobe, and the first person to post below me will get to chose 1 - 3 samples of something I have. Of course, we can always increase the "quota", but lets Keep it simple for now so we do not end...
  4. Isaias

    Audio Book Recommendations.

    I probably spend 8 hrs driving each week. Enough time to consume an audio book. What titles do you guys recommend? I just bought Freakonomics and The Andromeda Strain. They are not boring but I am half way through first one and it is yet to present something actually relevant. The second...
  5. Isaias

    The King is dead. Long live the King! Domenico Caraceni.

    DARN IT! I wrote this review a while ago. It seems like the king did not live long after all. Anyway, here it goes. When I started here, people were talking about a mystical fragrance, daunting and though provoking: Czech and Speake #88. Roses and Sandalwood for men. After reading several...
  6. Isaias

    Best place to buy DMT 8EE?

    It is time to hone my straight razors and I would like to buy a paddle strop and a dmt 8ee hone. Lets bust the myth that str8 razor paraphernalia is expensive: where can I get the best deal?
  7. Isaias

    How many of you guys have settled?

    I do not buy samples to try the latest and greatest cream. I have 3 creams and 2 soaps and they all work well. I have an HD, a Slant and a SS. After all this time, I can get BBS with any razor... It just needs a slight change in technique (angle/ direction of the stroke mostly). I have a feather...
  8. Isaias

    Michael Crichton's Books.

    I need to read one of his books. I would like you guys to recommend the most thought provoking and the best one to start off. I have narrowed it down to Jurassic Park, Lost World, The andromeda Strain, Terminal Man, Congo, Disclosure, Timeline, Airframe, Prey, State of Fear...
  9. Isaias

    If you use... you may try...

    john parker 's thread made me think about this. If you use GFT Violet SC you may like Narciso Rodriguez for Him (Review coming soon) If you use L'Occitane Cade soap you may like Christian Lacroix Tumulte. If you like proraso you may like... Fou dAbsinthe L'Artisan, pepermint Commes des...
  10. Isaias

    Best Free DVD player software.

    OS. Vista. I'd like to capture stills and get a ton of utilities. Intervideo used to be good, but it is not free anymore.
  11. Isaias

    Can you creata a file like this?

    B&B has a good share of nerdy very intelligent, computer literate and higly capable people. I was wondering if any of you can open and teach me how to make a script or program (I know C and LISP) that will create a similar file like this automaticallly. It is a log file created by Autocad. I...
  12. Isaias

    Steak cuts

    Which is the best steak cut for you at an average/above-average restaurant? I usually prefer tender cuts, but I am beginning to learn that a lot of people consider marbled cuts to be of superior quality... illuminate me here.
  13. Isaias

    do you cut your own hair?

    if so, what is your method? Your head's hair just to avoid bad taste jokes. edit: ABOID???? REALLY? Corrected to avoid
  14. Isaias

    Need some music recommendations.

    I have been with the same music library for quite a while. I need to know new artist and fresh talent, or albums. So If I like Alanis Morrisette AC/DC White Stripes System of a Down Regina Spektor Coldplay Audioslave What else would I like? You tube links are appreciated
  15. Isaias

    Engraving razors

    I was wondering where could I get my razors engraved? Which company would be able to do it? I would like to have some drawing and letters etched on my HD, Slant, feather and a couple of straights. The slat is gold plated so it may not be the best idea but how about the rest?
  16. Isaias

    Another newbie walking down the not-so-straight road.

    I would love to shave with a straight. I currently use a feather ac and get irritation free shaves. The thing I like the most about it is how easy it is to change the blade and get a shave ready razor. Obviously. But it is time to put the bladeholders on hold and get a real straight. The...
  17. Isaias

    Feather Coating

    Has anyone had a problem with the coating of their Feather AC? Mine has already lost it on the tip of the razor over the slot where the blade goes. Is there any difference between having it and not having it?
  18. Isaias

    The Anti-Speakeasy

    NOOOO!!! it is sold out! http://www.homageclothing.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=44 Not that the Gettoblaster Is bad... It's so 80s, but this page made me think of things that are far down the list of good taste. Being April 1st. I would like to see your...
  19. Isaias

    Rive Gauche discussion thread for review.

    Use this thread to discuss this review
  20. Isaias

    Places to get samples

    I am trying to compile a list with the best places to get samples and vials to test fragrances. Now, I am not endorsing these sites, I am not gaining anything here except further recommendations. I just want you to save money (really?) by telling you: Do Not Buy Blind, Sample. First, the...
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