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  1. Clubman4Life

    Pimples and Shaving - The bitter truth

    Sometimes you have pimples on your face that you can shave around. Sometimes you just have to run them over and hope for the best. What are you supposed to do if you have a few pimples and need a "Socially Acceptable Shave"? I run them over, put clearisil on them at night, wait a few...
  2. Clubman4Life

    Clubman4Life's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Dean What are your nicknames/aliases? Shnoz Where do you live? Oklahoma via NYC What is your age (or) generation? 30. What are you in the real world? Semi-retired radio jock What is your favorite shave setup? Arko puck face lathered with an Omega boar What are...
  3. Clubman4Life

    Department Store Spray and Run

    I just doused myself in Polo Green from a sample bottle and sprayed my hand with Joop! just for the heck of it. It reminded me of my high school days in the late 90's. Anybody else every take a quick bath from a store sample bottle?
  4. Clubman4Life

    Cowboy Boot AD - How many pairs do you own?

    I'm a native New Yorker living out west for the past five years and finally started my cowboy boot collection. So far I have two pairs, but see myself adding a few more. I usually wear them as much as possible and have my eye on a pair of elephants from Anderson Bean. How many pairs do you...
  5. Clubman4Life

    Personna Israeli Red / Gillette Tech - Way too mild

    Shaved with my Tech and an Israeli Red with two days growth. It was so mild that it wasn't even funny. I'm still new to DE, but this combo was an insult. With that being said, I still managed to get a few weepers by overcompensating for the mildness with pressure. Overall, I still got a...
  6. Clubman4Life

    DE 89, Tech or Senator for a New Guy?

    I've been wet-shaving for a month and DE shaving for about two weeks. Should I start a rotation or perfect one razor at a time? I have an EJ DE89, two Techs and a Senator open comb. They all give me good shaves, but I haven't perfected a three pass shave yet. I stick with WTG/XTG so far...
  7. Clubman4Life

    Gillette Super Speed?

    I'm having a tough time identifying this razor that I just found in the wild. Any help on the model and year would be appreciated. You guys have been a huge help in my transition to DE wet-shaving and enablers with my new found AD's. Thanks...
  8. Clubman4Life

    Another Hunt - Another Razor

    Whattup, fellas? I just found this black handled Gillette Tech for $8 in the wild. How rare are these things?
  9. Clubman4Life

    Video: Newbie reviews Gillette Tech

    I made a video, but it was low quality. I will try to repost.
  10. Clubman4Life

    Ever Ready 200T - how do I restore?

    Hey, fellas... This brush came with an Old Spice mug that I found at an antique store a few weeks ago. It's an Ever-Ready 200T. I skimmed through another thread and saw guys restoring them, but I have no clue where to start. I tried pulling the knot out of the handle to no avail. I...
  11. Clubman4Life

    Newbie found a vintage Gillette - what now?

    Hey, guys... I just found this Gillette at a local antique shop for $12.00. Can somebody help identify it and tell me how to get it shave-ready? There is a little bit of green oxidation and soap scum, but really no rust. Also, the head looks a little bent - not too bad, though.
  12. Clubman4Life

    Face washing with shave soap?

    Hey, fellas. I'm a newbie that's been wet-shaving for a month and DE shaving for a week. I just read about a guy washing his face with shave soap. This sounds interesting. Williams, Arko, Conk Bay Rum, Cella, Proraso Red and Green, VDH pink and glycerine soaps are in my den. 1.) Which...
  13. Clubman4Life

    Omega Bambino - any fans?

    I just got the Bambino and used it once with an Arko puck. It's a fun little brush. Any tips for the proper usage besides travel?
  14. Clubman4Life

    Cheap Splashes are for Real Men

    My first cologne was Polo Green followed by Polo Sport, Nautica, Cool Water, Dolce & Gabana, etc. Being from NYC and embracing the Guido culture, I used about twenty sprays before leaving the house. That was high school into my early to mid twenties, then I got into "Body spray". Up until...
  15. Clubman4Life

    From VDH to Arko in 3 weeks

    Hey, guys. I was tired of shaving and getting nicked up twice a week using cartridges and canned junk, so I went to the drugstore and grabbed a VDH kit for $10. After watching on youtube how to use it, I gave it a shot. It was fun and I got a better shave than what I was getting, then I...
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