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    The Interactive Guide to Straight Razor Shaving

    Brilliant job! This is exactly what I've been looking for, as a straight razor newbie. Cheers!
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    Where do you go for News?

    +1 for the Economist. I read it once, canceled all my newspaper subscriptions, and signed up for it. I've never looked back; it's, in my opinion, the world's preeminent news publication, and one of the only ones I'll actually read, front to back, in its entirety. Cheers, Justin
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    Pipes: Bent vs Straight

    You know, I've never smoked a churchwarden, but I've always wanted to. They just look so neat! I'd always be afraid of snapping the stem, though, being the clumsy person that I am.
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    Waterman Phileas

    The Waterman Phileas was my first venture outside of Sheaffer country -- and I must admit I'm rather fond of it, though I find it to run a bit to much with the medium nib, making a thicker line than I'm accustomed to. When writing I'll usually just use my Prelude.
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    It just keeps getting better!

    Great! Thanks for the welcome, guys. It's good to find I'm not the only twenty-something on the site -- or Western Canadian, for that matter (though I was born in Nova Scotia...)! Slainte Mhath, Justin
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    Pipes: Bent vs Straight

    I'm new to pipe-smoking, as well, and I have a 3/4 bent and a straight. I also have trouble keeping the bent from gurgling and juicing -- no such issue with the straight. I find the straight is also infinitely easier to clean.
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    Honing Woes

    I see! That makes sense. So what grit of sandpaper would I use for a 4000/8000 Norton? And is it the kind of thing I can pick up at Wal-mart?
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    Honing Woes

    Lap the hone? I'm going to have to plead newbie ignorance here!
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    Honing Woes

    Perhaps 1/16" was a bit large... I've actually been able to all but get rid of the crack just by passing it up and down the 4000 side a couple dozen times.
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    What are you listening to?

    Right now -- "A Love Supreme, Part IV: Psalm" John Coltrane Generally -- Zeppelin, the Who, anything by Clapton, and a brilliant instrumental band from Ireland called "Lunasa"
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    What do you gots in your pocketses. EDC.

    Damn! I can't even *buy* that where I live, let alone carry it around :ohmy: !
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    20,000 Percent Tax Increase???

    I'm sorry... but I just can't take seriously anyone who wants to dismantle the Fed and go back to a gold standard. Getting rid of a central bank and expecting inflation, interest rates, and unemployment to stay under control is tantamount to taking forty dogs in heat off their leashes and...
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    Honing Woes

    Thanks very much for the advice! I do think that I'll be buying a new razor in short order, and likely throwing my Pakistani one out the window. I'll just have to wait until September when I'll once again have access to my lovely student line of credit (should I feel guilty? Nah...). I think I'm...
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    Whisky Chat

    I too enjoy single malts most of all. My favourite has to be Dalwhinnie... but I'm also quite partial to Bowmore, the Glenlivet, and Lagavulin (well, I love Islays in general). I can't say I'm much of a Talisker fan, however, as I always thought it had a bit of a seaweed taste to it... I'd...
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    Anyone speak French?

    Mais bien sûr! Je n'avais pas remarqué que tu te trouves en Belgique!
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    Anyone speak French?

    Ahh... c'est bien rassurant de voir que la belle "langue d'amour" n'a pas complètement disparu parmi les Anglophones!
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    Who was USA President in your birth year ?

    Reagan, Term 2... Not that long ago! (Brian Mulroney up here in the Great White North...) Justin
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    Anyone speak French?

    I can speak French -- I may be able to help you out. Justin L.
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    Honing Woes

    Oh, and if it helps, my grandfather's razor is stamped "Bigelow & Dowse, Germany", while the other is just stamped "Pakistan" (perhaps I should have known better than to buy it...)
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    Honing Woes

    Hi all! I'm still new to the straight razor world, but I knew enough when I bought a razor off Ebay that it would likely need to be sharpened. Of course, I was right -- I'd have been better off using a clamshell :eek: ! Anyway, my shiny new Norton 4000/8000 waterstone just arrived in the...
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