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  1. azelyk

    Tobacquisitions February 2017

    Big Haul coming in today, all won off a local Facebook auction group
  2. azelyk

    Tobacquisitions January 2017

    Montecristo Open Eagle and Partagas Salomones
  3. azelyk

    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    I received this Joris Open Comb with a Rosewood handle from a trade the other day. Tried it out last night and boy is it ever aggressive. Really had to take my time and work slowly but in the end it was a great smooth shave.
  4. azelyk

    Cigar Humidification Methods, What Are You Using?

    Use all Boveda packs. Much easier then any other form of humidification. I have 2 72% RH boveda's in my 150 count humidor and it sticks right around 72 never fluctuates.
  5. azelyk

    Tobacquisitions - October 2016

    My Gf's dad gifted me an one of his 4 humidors. He custom built a removable shelf out of cedar to give the humi some more utility. Also had a big order from famous get delivered yesterday to fill up the humidor. 25 smokes came in yesterday of various types.
  6. azelyk

    Why men's hair products so expensive?

    I haven't paid more then $30 CDN for any pomade I own. I spent $25 CDN on a tin of Ruezel Green, which lasts anywhere from 6-10 months. My girlfriend spends 60-100 every 6/8 weeks on her hair, and the amount of bottles, shampoos and sprays she has at home is probably 200-300$ at least. So...
  7. azelyk

    The Renaissance of hair pomades & the new Golden Age

    Who doesn't, I've been eyeing the Schmiere Rumble 59 Babershop Trio. As well I still want to try the SodaPomp soda flavoured pomades.
  8. azelyk

    The Renaissance of hair pomades & the new Golden Age

    Try Rumble 59 Schmiere Hart pomade. Some seriously heavy duty hold. But I find it easier to work in and remove then SGB. Definitely better then King Brown. Honestly, I was super let down by the King Brown. I find it has a lackluster hold, very poor styling ability, and in the summer months it...
  9. azelyk

    The Renaissance of hair pomades & the new Golden Age

    Do a base coat of the Murrays Nu-Nile or Original for the Hold. Then apply a light layer of the Murrays Hair Glo for a super high hold, high shine combo. I have rather light hair, which lets me use "toppers" as my base. Part of the reason I swear by Ruezel Green is the high hold and good shine...
  10. azelyk

    The Renaissance of hair pomades & the new Golden Age

    I was never really a fan of the Uppercut water based, I finished the tin and never bought a new one. I really hate "pomades" that give the helmet head look. Today i just threw in some Murray's hair-glo straight after the morning shower. I like the lighter but still sturdy hold, and the high...
  11. azelyk

    The Renaissance of hair pomades & the new Golden Age

    That indeed it is. But I've been around the block a few times so I think my opinion holds some weight. In terms of classic pomades my favourite was a mix of Murrays Original, with Murrays Hair-Glo on top for that high shine. The original would have a lasting hold, and the Hair Glo could easily...
  12. azelyk

    The Renaissance of hair pomades & the new Golden Age

    Nothing will ever beat Ruezel Green or Pink. I've tried over 30/40 different pomades, and reuzel green and pink are just the best ones I've tried. Schmiere Rumble 59 is trailing in third place, but just doesn't have the hold that Reuzel does.
  13. azelyk

    Taylor's of Old Bond Street - scent too strong : \

    Could be old stock. I picked up a bowl of Mr Taylor Cream while I was there and it seems stronger then one that I have had sitting for a while.
  14. azelyk

    Sheffield Appreciation Thread

    Here's a few Sheffields I picked up, One Thomas Turner and Two Wostenholm's. Should make for nice restoration projects.
  15. azelyk

    What Brown leaf 'good stuff' are you waiting on to be delivered?

    I have a bunch of good stuff in the mail. I have 4 different Sampler packs on order from famous, the Reddit Xikar Xi1 cutter, and a new 25 count humidor. Still looking for a nice vintage ash tray.
  16. azelyk

    WTB: fat handle tech

    If you are still looking I have a mint in box 1960's fat handle tech for sale.
  17. azelyk

    Need Help with a Vintage Straight

    As soon as saw this, I knew I would be replacing the blade and I actually have a replacement blade lined up for it. It was around 4 Canadian dollars for the razor, so I'm not to bothered by throwing out the blade, as it was the scales that drew me.
  18. azelyk

    Need Help with a Vintage Straight

    I'm not worried about the blade, as I bought it with the intention of replacing it. Luckily I paid less then what a grande Starbucks Coffee costs in Canada for this.
  19. azelyk

    The Renaissance of hair pomades & the new Golden Age

    Been away from this thread for awhile but still using pomades daily. Recently I had the chance to try Tip Top Pomade after a haircut. I thought it was excellent. A water based medium hold pomade, with Beeswax to give shine. Its really the best of both worlds as it allows for the excellent wax...
  20. azelyk

    Need Help with a Vintage Straight

    I'm currently travelling in Ukraine, and at one of the local markets in Lviv I came across this straight. it is genuine bone handle, and while we can't exactly discern what the handle material is, we are leaning towards ivory. The markings on the front of shank say Regilo, and the back you...
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