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  1. Multum in parvo

    Razor Storage in the Den

    I went from this to almost this Unfortunately the bottom plate that should keep the Razors upright arrived broken so I have to reorder it. These things are Lab equipment for holding, in this case 50, vials. They are sold as test tube holder/vial holder rack online.
  2. Multum in parvo

    First Shavette shave - by accident :)

    Hi Gents, I received a very affordable Focus R22 Shavette today (plastic train, takes half DE's, flimsy Plastic scales, 6 bucks total) intended to clean my beard lines. I feature a shaved Dome with a Balbo Beard. Anyway as I was getting ready for my headshave with the Razorock Eco Hawk that...
  3. Multum in parvo

    ground off Gillette - why?

    Found this Beauty on the Bay. It looks well done but why?
  4. Multum in parvo

    1st Aristocrat - No. 66?

    I just won this on the Bay for EUR 100 shipped. So I hope it’s a rhodium plated No. 66? that will make a nice user.
  5. Multum in parvo

    Simpson Two Band Silver Tip?

    I just saw on their site a couple of offerings in this grade. What are the general properties of it? I have a Captain 2 in Best (soft, not much backbone) and an Eagle G3 in Pure (nice scrub, better backbone than the Captain - still would be nice to have more). Shall I look further to Manchurian...
  6. Multum in parvo

    Fatip Piccolo Lo Storto now available...

    ... at Gifts & Care
  7. Multum in parvo

    I wrecked my Vie-long horse brush

    Not a biggie but I’m still surprised. i bought it in addition to my boar brushes but was never happy with it as it was both scritchy and floppy:confused1 Today I gave it a go at headshaving and lathered up some Arko from my Marvy mug and afterwards I had a perfectly tangled center with a...
  8. Multum in parvo

    Omega Evo Tricolore

    Rasoigoodfellas has an Italian flag Omega Evo on show Evo Tricolore
  9. Multum in parvo

    Proraso Single edge creams

    Not sure if this already been posted but G&C is now offering the 3 creams in original 100ml tubes... So if you want to try it without going for the 500ml bladder this is the way. Priced at 6 Euros.
  10. Multum in parvo

    How to get started

    Dear Gents, I use an Eco Hawk for headshaving which runs on half DE's. I tried it once or twice on my face but by and large I use DE's. Over the last couple of weeks I aquired: #) a Valet Autostrop Model? #) a GEM Featherweight #) a GEM Clogproof Model??? and the corresponding blades. So...
  11. Multum in parvo

    Yaqi The Beast vs. R41 (current production) first impressions

    I use the R41 now for a bit over 6 months and love it for its direct nature and efficency especially on 2-3 days growth. Today I tried out The Beast and while it has tons more of bladefeel it also super efficient and managable. What suprised me most was that at a steep angle the R41 felt...
  12. Multum in parvo

    Simpsons Long handle - short loft?

    Hi, I‘m looking for a somewhat early X-mas treat... I‘m bowl lathering and use boars 9 times of 10, owning only one badger brush. I would like to have a longer handle and as much backbone and scrub that is possible for badger. So question No.1 Pure or Best? Q2 which model? Based on the stats...
  13. Multum in parvo

    The odd couple - please help to identify

    I won a bid on a Fat Handle Tech and the odd one was thrown in. The head looks shiny and new but the handle is all kinds of weird. I think this was cobbled together by someone as a user and sold by someone with no clue (blades still installed 😬). So what have I gotten here?
  14. Multum in parvo

    Down the rabbit hole...

    Hi I‘m 42 and picked up wet shaving again during the lockdown after a 5 year hiatus. Current setup: R41 Fatip piccolo OC Fatip Grande OC Fatip Lo Storto OC 34 gold HD R89 G&F Timor Gentle shaver OC Progress 500 (unused, panic buy after the insolvency of Dovo) Merkur red&black Bakelit Eco Hawk...
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