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  1. Isaias

    John Varvatos

    I think it is aninteresting and complex scent. Definitely underrated. It has some fruity, fig, date, and other smoky notes. You should try it though as some find it underwhelming. I also recommend trying the vintage version of the fragrance (it is not really vintage, but it is just the name)...
  2. Isaias

    Favorite Soapy Cologne?

    Thank you for your comment, but this may very well be that one time I dissapoint you :lol: This is actually very close, a watermelon candy. I went to my bathroom and now I can say that it smells identical to Pantene full and thick shampoo. The SHAMpoo does not do nothing for your hair (once it...
  3. Isaias

    Favorite Soapy Cologne?

    +1 These may not have the crisp clean scent of Mugler cologne but they are still quite soapy. More than Kouros Original I recommend one of its flankers> The vintage Kouros Fraiche, Kouros Summer, Tattoo, or Sport. You may also want to smell Puro Lino sold by Lucky Scent. It is a bit...
  4. Isaias

    How to clean an atomizer?

    Alcohol may be your best option, but even then, sometimes the the scent actually changes the scent of the plastic parts permanently. That is why I rather buy a new atomiser for a couple of dollars. It may cost as much as the alcohol or vinegar you are going to waste.
  5. Isaias

    Women's frags that men wear.

    I think it is fair to say that once we (most of us at least) cross the line to the femenine marketed fragrances, we pretty much accept that reality. In fact, and I mean no disrespect to you ClubmanRob, but I have to say it can be attractive to rise above the opinion of third parties. I am all...
  6. Isaias

    "Off" scent in Thierry Mugler?

    Yes, MC is very sharp and crisp at the beginning.
  7. Isaias

    Can you resolve this scenario...

    chypre or citrus. Chanel Pour Monsieur Monsieur de Givenchy Eau d'Hermès Pour Un Homme Caron Mouchoir de Monsieur. A few years later he would be wearing Eau Sauvage by Dior and Signoricci.
  8. Isaias

    ISO: Light floral cologne suggestions

    Well, there are a lot of good light floral scents though it is hard to imagine what do you like. First I recommend you to stay away from Neroli or Orange Bloosom fragrances, as I have found that those are the most prone to indice headaches. Then you should find which kind of flower do you...
  9. Isaias

    What are some Frankincense or F&M colognes . . .

    Well, the way I see it, if it is something you use sparingly, 100 usd is not that much. A good number of smokers will spend more than that in month and a half on cigarettes. A good perfume, even when used heavily, will last for at least 3 months. I have been on this for almost 2 years and I have...
  10. Isaias

    Women's frags that men wear.

    Obsession night. Spirituese Double Vanille, Sara Jessica Parker Lovely. Burrbery for women. Obsession night. Shalimar light. L'Heure Bleue. Hibiscus Acca Kappa. Prada Infusion d'Iris Mitsouko EdP La Chasse Aux Papillons L'Artisan Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Bluebell and Lavandula...
  11. Isaias

    Dingo's "Look yer best" thread

    Thanks for the tips man! Put me down for 6-10. I do #4, not bacause of how it looks, but because I cannot stand hairs in my nostrils, it way too anoying. Still, the rest may be a good information for some of you but I can't do them and I am confortable that way.
  12. Isaias

    more cologne =? less EDT

    think sometimes you can get away with using the AS as a general purpose fragrance. Still, nothing beats actual testing on your skin.
  13. Isaias

    Anyone try the new John Varvatos Artisan?

    It has some neroli and citrus notes. It is nice, but nothing original. I was rather disapointed by this realease, as I held JV and his perfumer (Mauricio or Manuel something) as very good brand with an outstanding and yet humble pair of scents. Now, this juice is not bad at all. It is pretty...
  14. Isaias

    leather = incense?

    Leather fragrances certaily have a smoky feel to them, but it is not the same, IMO, as the smoke which comes from incense. Now, one of the truths I have come to realise in my perfumed journey is that the note (leather in this case) does not always smell like the material. This is true for...
  15. Isaias

    more cologne =? less EDT

    I recommend you to calibrate usage according to your own interaction with the perfume and not the labels of EdT, EdP, cologne, etc. Longevity and projection are just not that consistent with concentration labels. Nosomatos are marketed as extraits, and yet quit a few of them do not last as...
  16. Isaias

    What makes a fragrance feminine/masculine?

    Or Rive Gauche PH :w00t: I have also read something about pumpkin pie. ... No seriously. Pumpkin pie.
  17. Isaias

    What makes a fragrance feminine/masculine?

    Some studies have shown that The most sexy smells on a man for a woman are: The natural scent of another woman. The natural scent of clean sweat. Female fragrances on men. Now, generally women tend to use floral, sweet and powdery fragrances, but with such fragrances like the classic...
  18. Isaias

    Would you wear and EDP

    Well, first be sure that both versions are actually the same juice. The fact that they switch genders is a likely indicator pointing that these two fragrances may actually be substantially different, not only in their concentration. OTOH, although they are not as common as their feminine...
  19. Isaias

    Staying Power, which brand has the most punch?

    No. It is Eucris, Fahrenheit, or one of them Le Labo fragrances.
  20. Isaias

    Staying Power, which brand has the most punch?

    QFT. http://store01.prostores.com/servlet/accessoriesforfragrances/StoreFront my favorite store. As for long lasting fragrances, well, I recommend you to look for a good fragrance and then worry about longevity. Joop, Versace, the oud line of montale, hermes, Gaultier and D&G hold up...
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