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  1. Hecklor Koch

    Dating a ABC Razor and interesting facts

    So I picked up a ABC razor set in the wild. Interesting thing is it was owned by a Horace J Stevens. I googled the name and this guy wrote books and was a leading expert on copper. SN looks like A or a 4861384
  2. Hecklor Koch

    How many times, learning with straight razor.

    First I think straights are just so cool and masculine looking. I ran before I crawled and went out and picked up a few straights that looked good and or I read they were very good quality. Which brings me to my question. How many times does it usually take to learn how to shave with a...
  3. Hecklor Koch

    Straight Razor

    I have attempted to get into straight razors, and I am not enjoying when I shave. I am sure partly because I am shaving with them incorrectly but still its a hassle for me. So my question is how do I know how straight razors are For example I have a Excellent + (advertised NOS) Red Imp, I have...
  4. Hecklor Koch

    First time, expectations

    I am fairly new to the shave world (safety razors), and by an itch and what I perceived to be a good deal I purchased two straight razors. So I have allot of questions that there might be a sticky for or what ever. 1) I purchased two vintage razors what should I do to get them shave ready? 2) I...
  5. Hecklor Koch

    Best slant razor?

    So I received a Parker slant razor from a men or here, and first wanted to thank him for the good deal. Secondly after shaving with it, I really like it. So what Slant razor in your opinion is the best and why?
  6. Hecklor Koch

    Gillette Silver Blue Blade, issue?

    So on ebay I ordered some Gillette Silver Blue blades. When I received them the (5) blade boxes on both side were open. Is this an issue? I opened one of the opened (5 blade) boxes and the glue was not gummed on the wrapper either. Would you use? Ask for a replacement?
  7. Hecklor Koch

    Need help with safety razor

    I was cleaning a safety razor today a Gillette super speed when the side plate came off. Does anyone know how to put it back on?
  8. Hecklor Koch

    Old Razor Blades

    I see some ads on ebay that has old razor blade boxes or packs. It makes complete sense for those that are sealed and of good condition. Well I one a bid and received the safety razors and two boxes of blades. What do people do with old boxes and old rusty blades?
  9. Hecklor Koch

    International trips and shaving

    Generally when I take international trips I have historically not shaved, or brought a throw away type razor. When I travel I take a carry on and a personal item (backpack). Does anyone know if I can bring a safety razor on international travel?
  10. Hecklor Koch

    Mangled myself

    So I am a newbie here. I am an odd duck to many so wet shaving with vintage razors is not out the norm of what people expect of me. Well I bought a Gillette slim and cleaned it up and was real proud of myself. Well I went to shave with it and was thinking, great weight, nice feel, this is pretty...
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