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  1. Captain Whiskers

    2021 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek

    Still in. I've mostly been using my Henson AL13 with Zingari Man soap. I don't think I can improve that combination - it just works.
  2. Captain Whiskers

    Which Russian made blade is the best?

    Perma-Sharp Supers work really well for me. I enjoy most of the PPI blades, and will always have a few tucks of each on hand!
  3. Captain Whiskers

    Astra SS or SP?

    I recently used both back to back in my Henson AL13. The SP was more comfortable. The SS felt good, but it wasn't as smooth. I prefer the SS in my Fatip Piccolo OC. They're both great blades in the right razor.
  4. Captain Whiskers

    2021 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Shave Trek

    #1 Pepin – Exception: vintage razor #2 kevdogg329 – Exception: Razorock XXX #3 JAHE - Exception: Rex Ambassador #4 Invicta - No exception #5 sjblon - Exception: None #6 pbrmhl #7 GaryTha - no exceptions. #8 martym - No Exceptions #9 T.Orso - no exception #10 byDoms - no exception #11 KQY61 -...
  5. Captain Whiskers

    Christmas Eve/Christmas Day shave?

    Henson AL13 Perma-Sharp Super Yaqi Rainbow 26mm Synthetic Ach. Brito Mogno Shaving Soap Proraso Green Aftershave with extra menthol
  6. Captain Whiskers

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Edwin Jagger DE89 with a Fatip Testina Gentile base plate / Perma-Sharp Super
  7. Captain Whiskers

    How Many Soaps?

    I have 9 creams/soaps at the moment. I'm aiming to 3017 my creams, then rotate 3/4 soaps as the seasons change.
  8. Captain Whiskers

    Soaps Used the Most in 2020

    Thanks! I've got two tubs of Sego soap to get through, but I'll have to try TGS at some point!
  9. Captain Whiskers

    Soaps Used the Most in 2020

    That's a nice looking line-up! How does the Goodfellas' Smile soap perform compared to Zingari Man?
  10. Captain Whiskers

    Zingari Man

    The Sego base is fantastic. It feels like you're applying a moisturiser! I've been shaving with The Magician for a few days now and I can't fault it. I think my face will really benefit using this soap regularly.
  11. Captain Whiskers

    Has Proraso Green changed?

    I recently bought a 400ml bottle with the old branding - I think it's the same as the stuff in the new shaped 100ml bottles, but I haven't compared ingredients.
  12. Captain Whiskers

    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Proraso Green with extra menthol - face freezer!
  13. Captain Whiskers

    Ach. Brito Mogno, a new Old School classic

    That sounds like a good match! Shame I can't find it in the UK!
  14. Captain Whiskers

    Who here shaves every day?

    5-6 days a week if I'm working from the office. Every other day if I'm working from home.
  15. Captain Whiskers

    Ach. Brito Mogno, a new Old School classic

    Thanks for the review Marco! I've just received my bar of Mogno. The scent is fantastic! Does anybody know of a splash that would pair well with it?
  16. Captain Whiskers

    What Was Your Cream Today?

    TOBS Peppermint / The Traditional Shaving Company Limes 50/50 mix. Amazing scent and lather!
  17. Captain Whiskers

    Cella Blue Bio Cream in the Tube Question

    I've just finished a tub. When I got it last December it was a cream, by the end it was quite firm, so I mixed some water into it and it went back to its original form. You might be able to do the same with the tube by sucking some water into it.
  18. Captain Whiskers

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" November 16th - November 22nd, 2020

    Edwin Jagger DE89 Perma-Sharp Super AP Shave Co. Hulk 24mm SynBad TOBS Peppermint Shaving Cream Proraso Eucalyptus and Menthol Aftershave
  19. Captain Whiskers

    I need a new grinder

    I recently bought a 1zpresso JX manual grinder. It's brilliant! Really consistent, fast, and well priced compared other high end hand grinders. I've used it for espresso, Aeropress and French press and had great results.
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