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  1. Tordu

    WTB EU Karve Brass opencomb plate

    Hi. i am searching an opencomb plate, if possible between B and D, from someone located in Europe . I am in France. Thanks !
  2. Tordu

    WTT R41 2011

    Hello I would like to trade my R41 2011 in excellent shape for a General Razor (the brass version) . Please note that I am in France, so shipping could be expensive. Best regards Josselin
  3. Tordu

    Open comb injector?

    Recently I miss an auction for a schick razor . It looks like an open comb injector, but i am not sure, as i don't see how you can load the blade on it . Here are some pics : Any info about it ?
  4. Tordu

    Provence Santé green tea is going to be reformulated

    Hi all I don't know if this is already known, or if anyone will care, but i have an info stating that Provence Santé Thé Vert formula is going to change by the end of 2010. I guess the cream is going to change also. They are not making anymore of it and they just continue selling the...
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