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  1. Clubman4Life

    Cowboy Boot AD - How many pairs do you own?

    Nice boots, brotha! Congrats!
  2. Clubman4Life

    Bible Verses that impact YOU

  3. Clubman4Life

    Virgin Island Bay Rum

    I believe!
  4. Clubman4Life

    Cheap Splashes are for Real Men

    Whatever floats your boat, brother! Experiment and see what works for you...
  5. Clubman4Life

    morso484's Entry to the Hall of Fame

  6. Clubman4Life

    Hello from Madison

  7. Clubman4Life

    Greeting all

  8. Clubman4Life

    Bible Verses that impact YOU

    Amen, brother.
  9. Clubman4Life

    A Shaving Story

    Welcome and thank you for your service!
  10. Clubman4Life

    first time DE shaver

    Welcome, brotha! If you are planning on putting together an online order, I would recommend an Omega boar and some Proraso shaving cream. Both are highly regarded on B&B. Keep us posted on your progress...
  11. Clubman4Life

    Newbie Check-in from MI

    Welcome, brotha! What kind of gear are you rockin'?
  12. Clubman4Life

    Hello from chicago

    Welcome, brotha!
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