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  1. gearchow

    A Goodwill from Goodwill

    Recently purchased this off of Goodwill's auction site. Goodwill's pics (as good or better then I can take!): It's nice that one can find so many Goodwill razors (and sets) in very good condition. I have a few of the cardboard boxes sets that are in excellent condition. 1930s! -jim
  2. gearchow

    Frozen Sour Cream

    a tub of sour cream was accidentally pushed to the back of our frig, which tends to freeze items. There isn't anything wrong with the product at this point - it's soupy and grainy, kind of like curdled milk. I'm not going to throw a big spoonful of it on my baked potato. Are there any recipes...
  3. gearchow

    Never seen anything like this before

    Went to an estate sale and it seemed like the usual old stuff, but I saw this on the back porch: That's over 20 of the large cans of ground coffee never opened. It was Sunday, so probably a couple of bucks a can. Sort of surprising that they were all there. -jim
  4. gearchow

    Corned Beef *Dinner*

    I didn't want to junk up the "making corned beef" thread so here we are. What I'm wondering about, is if I go and buy my corned beef - pre-corned - what exactly is the right way to serve it on St. Patrick's day? I can get corned beef from a local butcher, so the first decision is which...
  5. gearchow

    SpaceX rocket in historic upright landing

    SpaceX rocket in historic upright landing Haven't we been doing this since the 1950s? I kid! Pretty neat stuff! -jim
  6. gearchow

    EveryReady 200 restore on the cheap

    So I saw some new boar brushes for sale at an antique mall - small wood handles - not to my liking. But I pulled out this ER 200 boar that was shedding like crazy and thought - hey, for $6 I can pick up that cheap boar, pull it apart and stick it into a handle I like. So I did. I can't say it...
  7. gearchow


    Since I'm posting pics tonight, here is something that I found this last July and I've been shaving with it since then. I love shaving with it. It's not a bad looker, but like others I've read about, the adjuster doesn't work. At first, I couldn't get the adjuster to spin much, but after...
  8. gearchow

    BLUE - GOLD Special

    Picked this up today at an antique shop for retail. Looks like NOS except for the blade bank. It's nickel, but I'm thinking it should be gold plated. Is that right? what a survivor! -jim
  9. gearchow

    Best of the Cheapest Loose Leaf Paper for FP

    Title says it all. I do a lot of scribbling at work and use the multi-use copy paper (20lb, 90 bright, Boise) widely available at the printer/copier - it's not very smooth, bleeds a bit with my medium nibs I like and bleeds through but it is cheap. Can I do a little better buying outside...
  10. gearchow

    Red Dot

    Went to some estate sales this morning and one of them had all the bathroom stuff out on a table and in portable shelves on the table. It's the way some sellers organize bathroom "merchandise". I saw an electric razor and figured that was it for shaving, but I just luckily glanced under one of...
  11. gearchow

    West Bend Poppery II

    I found a West Bend Poppery II at an estate sale on Saturday, so on Sunday, I naturally had to give it a spin. 14:41 Put 4oz beans in, turned it on and the beans didn't move very much. I was like "hunh" 15:05 Still not moving much, but that this point I actually see chaff flying off...
  12. gearchow

    Portland tea savant Steven Smith, co-founder of Tazo, Stash and Smith Teamaker, dies

    For you tea guys: Portland tea savant Steven Smith, co-founder of Tazo, Stash and Smith Teamaker, dies Interesting article. -jim
  13. gearchow

    1946 Ranger Tech

    Picked this up yesterday. Without a case, but sitting in the $10 each razor box, I knew what I was looking at the instant I saw it. I didn't even ask the guy if he could do better, just handed over the 10 spot. Glad to mark that one off of the list. Made my day. There is...
  14. gearchow

    Black Rock razor sharpener

    I've seen a few of the clear glass types in vintage malls, but I don't recall ever seeing a black glass one. Got it at an estate sale, so I didn't mind the price. It's a bit of an odd thing to collect though - but I wasn't going to leave it behind... Aren't there other colors? -jim
  15. gearchow

    French Hand Grinder: Hop

    I picked this up this weekend. It was tagged as "not working", so I knocked them down a bit just in case it really was a dust collector "collectible", but I managed to grind some beans in it. At the finest I can make it, it is still pretty coarse. Good enough for camping and it grinds pretty...
  16. gearchow


    Picked this up a month ago - it's a Speedway Then handle is interesting in that it isn't knurled all the way around. Picked up the blades separately for continuity. -jim
  17. gearchow

    Good Humour

    Got this a few weeks ago It gave an acceptable shave, like a Tech maybe. According to the Compendium, mid 30s? -jim
  18. gearchow

    Rawleigh Shaving Cream

    found this yesterday at an estate sale After unplugging the top and squeezing out a bit, it's like all of the vintage shaving creams I've found - separated, but not too badly. It smells nice, I swear it smells a bit of rose. I managed to get some of the cream out mixed with the clear...
  19. gearchow

    Vintage Williams Luxery Shaving Cream

    Found this last weekend. Opaque blue jar, not like the Noxzema shaving jars I've seen, which were translucent. There is some stuff left in the jar, but even I am reluctant to give it a go. I haven't been able to google up any info on this, other then tubes of Williams...
  20. gearchow

    Z-gram # 57

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