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  1. The Knize

    Dawn Wells--RIP

    Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island. Need I say more? Of COVID.
  2. The Knize

    Pierre Cardin RIP

    Known for bringing fashion to the masses. For better or worse, I suppose. But I remember really liking his stuff back in the day.
  3. The Knize

    RIP Leslie West

    I do not have much to say other than he was a great player, and I thought we should note his passing. RIP
  4. The Knize

    Jeremy Fragrance--Black Tie

    I see Jeremy Fragrance has a new men's scent out called Black Tie. I continue to be sort of surprised that no one around here, including me, seemed to have tried any of the scents from this house. I guess I have not felt compelled to try them, which seems unusual for me. I would not think I...
  5. The Knize

    RIP Tony Lewis and Spencer Davis

    TL great vocalist from the Outfield. Spencer Davis discoverer of Steve Winwood.
  6. The Knize

    Lorenzo Velloresi Musk and Sandalo

    Has anyone tried either of these? Both seem to be available at reduced prices these days, although the latter seems harder to find. I do not usually buy blind, but I really like most LV creations. LV Musk is supposedly something Brad Pitt wears or wore. It was released mid-1990s. Reviews talk...
  7. The Knize

    Tiki Glasses

    What are folks thoughts on tiki glasses? "Too nerdly for words"? (Is that a bad thing?) "The proper accessories always make whatever it is one is trying to do"? I guess I am really looking for input just from folks who like tiki drinks. In theory I would like some tiki glasses. I like my...
  8. The Knize

    switch to smart watch?

    Heretofore, I have been committed to wearing a conventional, self-winding watch as my main time piece, although I wear a Fit Bit on the other wrist. I mostly just like the look of a conventional watch better, and the self-winding aspect seems pleasing as more organic and traditional. However...
  9. The Knize

    Rolling Stones Top 500 Albums

    Rolling Stone apparently released a major revision of its top 500 albums ever list on September 22, 2020. Seems like a dubious exercise, to me, anyway, but, again, to me, cements Rolling Stone magazine's position as irrelevant to anything going on in 2020. List was apparently first published in...
  10. The Knize

    RIP Justin Townes Earle

    Steve Earle' son and a performer in his own right. Age 38. This is so sad.
  11. The Knize

    Bar Dishwashing Soap

    Anyone have any experience with bar/block dishwashing soap? I like the idea, but a lot of the negative reviews I seem refer to a residue being left on the dishes. The soap itself seem cheap enough, but I assume I will want some kind of holder and brush. Any brand preferences. Many seem to be...
  12. The Knize

    RIP--Herman Cain

    A successful businessman and semi-successful politician, the son of a cleaning woman and janitor. Inspirational story. So sad to lose him to COVID.
  13. The Knize

    RIP Jimmy Cobb

    A giant of a jazz drummer.
  14. The Knize

    Kesh Nikhar Update

    I have been a big fan of Kesh Nikhar shampoo bar, which used to be readily available from Indian-Pakistani grocery stores in the DC area. But then seemed to become only available shipped directly from India via eBay. The latter approach seemed to work fine for awhile. However, the last batch...
  15. The Knize

    RIP Bill Withers

    Not sure what more to say. Comforting songs for the time of cholera.
  16. The Knize

    Harvey Weinstein get 23 years

    Might be hard to keep this steered away from politics and I almost did not post. Seems remarkable to me though on numerous levels. A remarkable demonstration, methinks, of the perils of hubris. No matter how prominent and rich one happens to be, one should not let that go to one's head. Also...
  17. The Knize

    Buck Henry RIP

    I did not realize he passed earlier this year. I apologize is this is a repeat thread. Important director and humorist.
  18. The Knize

    Jim Lehrer RIP

    Great newsman.
  19. The Knize

    Perfume: In Search of Your Signature Scent by Neil Chapman

    Just got this book. Nicely organized and well-written. Chapman seems to have a lot of knowledge and a good nose. Short blurbs on each scent, much like Turin's books. Not really dedicated to finding one's signature scent as far as I can tell, which as I have said previously, I think is a futile...
  20. The Knize

    Jeremy Fragrances

    Has anyone tried these? I guess there are two now in a series of releases: Office and Date. I guess Jeremy has become a controversial figure. I used to like his You Tube videos. Now he seems a bit smarmy. Come back Luca Turin, come back to us now! Also, I watched a post video of Edwin Creed...
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