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  1. The Polock

    Need some B&B help! Finding a scent.

    My father is in love with a scent from Jil Sanders called background. I have looked all over and cannot find it. He has done the same. With Christmas coming up I would love to be able to find the old scent hound a bottle. So was hoping someone may know where I can find this. Or lives close to a...
  2. The Polock

    Jameson scares me.

    I've been on a Jameson kick! Just on the rocks. But man it scares me lol The first one I sip on but after that I start taking gulps. I love the stuff ! Just glad my wife is the perma DD. Post any drinks that you get like this with.
  3. The Polock

    Fruit in your Blue moon or as is?

    I love Blue moon with a slice of orange. Just the thought makes my mouth water. However i seem to get some odd looks at pubs/bars when i order it that way. just curious if anyone else does this as well?
  4. The Polock

    Just a newbie checkin' in!

    Hello! I have been reading these forums for the last couple of months and debating on trying a DE razor. WELL i finally gave in and couldn't be happier with the results. I got a gift card to Amazon for my b-day and decided to start working on a shaving set. Got a Murker 180 long handle, Proraso...
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