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  1. Tordu

    Classic Shaving Enoch AC Razor Experience

    i have send an email to classic shaving some days ago. no response so far. Hope it will possible to find a solution.
  2. Tordu

    Classic Shaving Enoch AC Razor Experience

    Hi, I just received the Enoch razor, and the safety bar seems bent to me, like there is a "wave" to it. Is it something somebody have noticed on his razor too ?
  3. Tordu

    Most Overrated and Underrated razors in your collection?

    for me : overrated : R41 underrated : PAA Alpha Ecliptic slant. I really like this razor
  4. Tordu

    WTB EU Karve Brass opencomb plate

    Hi. i am searching an opencomb plate, if possible between B and D, from someone located in Europe . I am in France. Thanks !
  5. Tordu

    EJ DE86

    I also find it to be a very smooth razor, even with the sharpest blades. The shave is quite similar to an HD rocket to me.
  6. Tordu

    Schick got me.

    Beautiful razor, congratulations.
  7. Tordu

    "Flat-Head" Open-Comb DEs

    Focus is going to release 3 razors with a flat head design ( pic taken from the superiorshave website) looks interesting to me
  8. Tordu

    Focus Dynamic R50

    I have both R48 and R50. I prefer the R50 version. Very good razor for me, i can use it every Day.
  9. Tordu

    Best Modern GEM vs. Vinatage

    of course vintage can shave as well as the modern options. still the same problem between utility and luxury i think. I really like my sabre because i find it nice looking and well built.The shave results are about the same i got with my clogpruf, but maybe easier to achieve.
  10. Tordu

    Starling v2 SE quality shave?

    Thank you . Think i will try to do the same on my razor . I shaves well , but it drag.
  11. Tordu

    Starling v2 SE quality shave?

    interesting ! can you show the result ? I really like the razor, but the finish is not really smooth on the skin
  12. Tordu

    Razor recs for the once a week shaver

    you should try a feather artist club ss
  13. Tordu

    Speick shaving soap.majorly under-rated

    speick shaving stick is my favorite soap, and i have try a lot. the as splash is outstanding also.
  14. Tordu

    WTT R41 2011

    I can also consider trade for a streamline set in perfect condition, if someone is interested...
  15. Tordu

    WTT R41 2011

    Hello I would like to trade my R41 2011 in excellent shape for a General Razor (the brass version) . Please note that I am in France, so shipping could be expensive. Best regards Josselin
  16. Tordu

    The King Cobra Classic

    Thanks for sharing. I must say I prefer the look of the old one :blushing:
  17. Tordu

    What's your go to "in a hurry" razor?

    Feather AS + shaving oil works great, and you can shave really fast if you are used to this razor
  18. Tordu

    Which shave stick is the softest texture

    Irish moos gote my vote as the softest shave stick in texture . TOBS shave sticks are pretty soft too , but performance is not at the same level.
  19. Tordu

    Cobra Classic INTERNATIONAL Tour

    Hi guys So I am now on my third shave the with Cobra , using the Kai blade. I am really pleased with the razor. I don't have the vocabulary to make a good review, but at least I can now compare it to my favorite razor , the Feather Artist club SS . For me the feather is still N°1 . I prefer the...
  20. Tordu

    Cobra Classic INTERNATIONAL Tour

    Package arrived today in France, its really a nice looking razor . I'll have my first Cobra shave tomorrow , and post my results in a couple days .
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