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  1. mhdagley


    I needed somewhere to talk about the awesomeness that is the cowboys game. I mean really its great.
  2. mhdagley

    Ring Flash

    Any recommendations? I have a macro lens and now need the flash to use it right. I have a canon eos ti, the lens is the 100 mm macro.
  3. mhdagley

    Hot cocogoodness

    What are some easy obtainable sources of this? I dig the starbucks kind but what else ya got for me? I dont want the whole climb a mt to get to the guy who knows this other guy who knows how to get to the guy who has the key to the door that has the map to the place where they make the stuff.
  4. mhdagley

    Damooshki's LOL Cats, Demotivational, bacon & Spam

    This shall be a thread for those items up ^^. Anything you think is funny or such. Ground rules. NSFW tags shall be used and linked to. NO SHOCK SITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL come hurt you. Other than that have some LOLs. To start considering my new job:
  5. mhdagley


    Chat be there or be L7
  6. mhdagley

    CS v CSE

    I am going to do one of them just not sure which one. What are the differences and pros/cons on this?
  7. mhdagley


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jln8RBjZFiw Ok the challenge for tomorow is to do that all day. Add meow at random times. Report back with the funny.
  8. mhdagley

    Retail jobs

    I just got hired at best buy so it made me wonder who on here works worked in retail?
  9. mhdagley


  10. mhdagley


    Im looking at getting a telephoto and a macro lens. What should I get? I have a canon ti camera. Any ideas?
  11. mhdagley

    Coding help

    Im doing some c++ homework and I get an c1010 error when building. Any ideas? here is the code copied out of the compiler. //ch3lab2.cpp - calculates and displays the new weekly pay //created/revised by Michael Dagley on 9-12-2008 #include <iostream> using std::count; using std::cin; using...
  12. mhdagley


    Chat be there! Im going in now.
  13. mhdagley

    Favorite youtube videos?

    I was looking around and found this and this: So whats your fav youtube vid? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pB1kXDVRHaY&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9-CS2v8wcc&feature=related
  14. mhdagley

    Film devloping

    Where do you get it done? I dropped off a roll of black and white at wolf camera and the turn around is 2 weeks. I am going to get a dark room at some time but for the time being its local. Discuss.
  15. mhdagley

    Star Trek

    Whats your favorite series? I have been watching the Enterprise marathon on scifi and I must say I like it more than I thought I would. Its like DS9 I did not like it at first but the more I watched the more I liked. So vote.
  16. mhdagley


    Anyone checked this out? It looks kinda interesting. Thoughts, comments, flame wars?
  17. mhdagley


    Does anyone have one? I'm looking into getting mine. I have a blade server in my room with windows server 2003. I am looking for a job and a lot require this. I am going for my B.S in Comp Sci. Any help yall may provide is much appreciated. I want to be a systems admin or the like.
  18. mhdagley


    I'm looking for the hey jude single and it made me wonder where do yall get records now a days? Does anyone actually have them anymore? Discuss
  19. mhdagley

    Celsius Is it cold in here?

    http://www.drinkcelsius.com/1-0_Home.htm I saw that ^ on tv last night. Needless to say it piqued my interest. Anyone tired it? Questions, comments, witty banter?
  20. mhdagley

    Headphone amps?

    Anyone use them have one? I am looking to get one so any ideas or recommendations?
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