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    FT Near full Krampert’s Finest Bay Rum

    I purchased this new from Kramperts website several months ago. I’ve used this bottle a handful of times (less than 6). If you haven’t experienced it, Kramperts aftershaves are phenomenal! I’m just not enamored with Bay Rum. I’m looking to trade for another aftershave CONUS only please. If...
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    My new Shave Mug!

    I found this at the thrifty this morning! It’s stamped with made in England on the bottom. Doesn’t appear to be fancy, but I LOVE IT because it’s the perfect size (the size of a Shulton old spice mug) and it has a Boar on it (it may be a warthog, but I choose to ignore that possibility). As...
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    FS Straights, Gems and Gillettes Oh My!

    Thinning out the herd. I just have to much and it gives me agita. The straights are all probably near shave ready. They need at least a good stropping, and a pasted strop wouldn't hurt. Some of them may need more. I just don't know much about straights. Did I mention I don't know much about...
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    Made my own strop.

    So I’ve bought several strops from amazon and they have all come packaged in a way that leaves creases and humps and makes them unusable. I really want a Tony Miller, but not in stock and I really need a strop. I got from another member here but again, it wasn’t packaged correctly and it is...
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    Bummed out strop came with big creases/humps

    So i bought a Illinois strop from AMZ, excited to get stropping and my second straight shave in. The strop came with some large ridges in it. They aren't even really creases from folding, just really large humps in the leather. I'm returning it and getting something else because I don't think...
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    FS Brand new Feather ASD2 and Rudy Vey Semogue brush

    First I have a brand new, never been used feather ASD2. No box but I purchased this one brand new. I don’t save boxes. Shipped CONUS $100. Would be willing to trade for a Karve razor. I also am selling a brush I took I trade. AWESOME handle and brush. I just prefer my other brushes...
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    FS Krampert’s Finest Bay Rum Shave soap

    I purchased this new from Krampert’s on April 6 2020. I used it 3 to 5 times after first getting it and then put it away. I’m just not a bay rum soap guy. This soap is great and the smell is great. $18.99 plus freight retail yours shipped conus for $13. No trades please. thanks.
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    WTT - soaps and cream

    Hi all. I'm looking to trade some duplicates of La Toja, Palmolive and a Barbon cream I have acquired. I am looking for menthol products at this time. If you happen to the recent reboot of Barrister & Mann Petit Chypre you would part with, we can make up $$ differences. I am willing to...
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    Green Cella Scent

    I am wondering if someone could describe the scent of the Green Cella (Aloe). Thanks
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    WTS Damaskene, Gillettes, Gem, Straights, Soap, The general.

    The clearance continues. 1) Cased Damaskene in nice shape, with blade holder. I will also include a new 10 pack of Gem blades. $40 shipped conus. 2) Similar Gem to the Damaskene in pretty good shape. It does have a scratch across the top cap. I will include a 10 pack of new gem blades...
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    So I decided to do an impromptu test between my staple cella, a tub of rr p160 and a tub of 3p I purchased from Connaught. I have to say I'm really enjoying the 3p. The lather seems more luxurious than cella, the in shave performance just as good and the post shave on par. I'm surprised, and...
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    2017 Sabbatical..any joiners

    I know it is almost March, but this year I decided not only to downsize, but to go a whole year without any new purchases. I have enough blades, be it single edge, double edge or cartridge to last several years, and probably enough soap/creams to last a lifetime. After a small purge, I also...
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    WTS Paladin, Simpson, Greaves & Son, Boker...

    Hello friends. Doing a little clearing of some items that are just not finding the use they should. I try not to be a collector of shaving items (though my wife would disagree) so I am offering these items for sale. All prices include CONUS shipping and PayPal fees. Feel free to make a...
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    WTS Semogue 2015 Badger Brush and The General SE razor

    Up fro sale is a gently used Semogue 2015(it is NOT the HD version) badger hair brush. Very nice brush but a little small for my tastes. Retail this is about $50 dollars. Yours shipped CONUS for $25.00. Currently the Duke brush is NOT for sale. Also selling a black General SE razor that...
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    Valobra scents

    I have tried a few valobra products including hard and soft soAps. They all have this same weird fragrance to them so off putting to me that I got rid of them. Anyone find this?
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