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  1. scorpionking

    QESafety Razor (Quad-Edge Believe it or Not!)

    Anyone ever heard a story like this before??? My wife, a recent DE convert to the Lady Gillette, just told me she shaved her legs without even a single weeper or nick. That in itself is not the interesting part. She went on to say an Astra SP and Derby blade were sandwiched together in the...
  2. scorpionking

    Original Price for 1967 Gillette Super Speed?

    Anyone know what the original price was in 1967? I just acquired one in mint condition in an unopened package that I could hang up at CVS and sell. It came in a blue "Summer Special" box with a small foam canister. The special price is 99¢. The price on the cardboard backing of the razor is...
  3. scorpionking

    First Test

    Hello all you fellows. As I learned from the Bond movie "Skyfall", "Sometimes the old ways are the best ways." That's what pushed me over the edge to switch to the DE razor! Keep the touch like a feather!:)
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