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    Razor Blades Club: Legitimate Source?

    They should refund your money at this point, that’s way beyond a reasonable time to wait.
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    Gillette Platinum (Swede), wow!

    I just shaved with a BPP for the first time and have to say I’m underwhelmed. It’s not a bad blade, but it seems pretty much like the TCPP to me. Lately I’ve been shaving exclusively with Wizamet SI’s, having switched after years of using GSB’s, and I found the BPP to be both less sharp and...
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    Razor Blades Club: Legitimate Source?

    Received my blades today, exactly 2 weeks after placing the order, so I’ve got no complaints regarding delivery time. The box had no international postage or labels, only a preprinted U.S. postage paid label with a U.S. return address, so perhaps the “new method” RBC is using is some sort of...
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    Razor Blades Club: Legitimate Source?

    Interesting. I ordered November 9th, so my order should be via the “new method” and it now appears I will have my order substantially quicker than some who ordered before me, here’s an update: Once I had the correct tracking number I signed up for email updates from USPS tracking. Early this...
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    Razor Blades Club: Legitimate Source?

    Here’s my experience with RBC so far: 1. Ordered 12 days ago. Received order confirmation email immediately. 2. Received shipped confirmation email with USPS tracking number, plus a link to the USPS tracking page with auto population of the provided tracking number. 3. Clicked link and got a...
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    WTB Wolfman Guerrilla Open Comb

    Looking for an Open Comb Wolfman Guerrilla at a reasonable price. Can be the complete razor, or just the head without a handle. I also have some hardware/software if you prefer trades to cash: ATT open comb slant, a couple of straights, LPL and MdC soaps - some new, possibly a few other...
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    What Shaving Gear do you NOT have an Acquisition Disorder for?

    Razors: I’m over the hype. For a while I bought in and tried the hot razors but was nearly always underwhelmed. As I started to pay attention more I realized that people rave about the latest releases and how they are “keepers”, and yet they most often end up selling these keepers within weeks...
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    Boxing or Muay Thai training- new gym

    Luc, I offer the following suggestions as someone who has been training and teaching boxing and Muay Thai for 40 years: If at all possible go get some instruction from a reputable instructor before you A. Buy equipment, and B. Start wailing on a bag. It’s really easy, and common, to get...
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    Housemate disposed of my new blades 😡

    Here ya go, think I found your solution: “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. Concrete shoes, cyanide, TNT - Done dirt cheap. Neck ties, contracts, high voltage - Done dirt cheap! Just ring 362-4360”
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    Recommend a cooling mentholated shaving cream

    Esbjerg Peppermint is so cold it hurts, if you like intense cooling.
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    SV Dolomiti 4.3 in aluminum is coming out.

    Pasteur now has Dolomiti 4.3 in stock, currently $37. I ordered Sunday and received yesterday (Wednesday). Haven’t shaved with it yet so I can’t comment on performance. Pasteur also have the new 70th EDP in stock as well, for those looking.
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    Why Multiple Razors?

    Marshall Decimator 11. But it’s a custom razor, nobody else can have one. It’s in my contract.
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    Why Multiple Razors?

    That’s like asking why Nigel from Spinal Tap has so many guitars. Of course my adjustable Razor goes to 11, so I don’t need multiple razors.
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    My first PIF, and it’s a Fat one (CONUS only)

    I’m In! Have always wanted to try a Fatboy. Thanks for the generous PIF!
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    PIF-Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, 2 Things Blue

    I love the painting!!! I also dig the PIF. I’m in and would like perpetuate the PIF.
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    WTB Barrister and Mann Soft Heart Unscented

    Looking for a tub of B&M Soft Heart Unscented, preferably full/unused. Thanks.
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    WTB Wolfman Guerilla OC

    Still looking. Also interested in finding an Aluminum Guerrilla, SB or OC. Please reach out if you have something, Thanks!
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    WTB Wolfman Guerilla OC

    Still looking. Willing to consider head only in necessary, although it would be nice to find the complete razor. Also want to mention that I have some items I’d be willing to trade towards Guerrilla OC. Items include: ATT Slant Razor Feather ASD2 Razor MDC Soaps, some are new/unused LPL soaps...
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    What razor/blade did you use today

    I call this Thor’s Hammer: It’s a RR Stealth Slant head (not so stealthy in stainless) on WM Guerrilla handle. Blade was GSB. It’s Hammer Time Baby!
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