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  1. Ridgeback

    Hard water...

    A water softener is great investment...Makes your plumbing, fixtures and appliances last so much longer...It allows for less laundry soap,dish soap etc...Not to mention if you have radium in the water it will remove that.
  2. Ridgeback

    Stimulus Payments

    Nope...Don't Qualify
  3. Ridgeback

    Blackbird Titanium

    I want a Ti Bird Very Badly....But I LOVE the 100mm handle on my SSbird and can't get on board with a 85mm ...I get so much control with the 100mm...So I am stuck wanting something that I can't have...lol
  4. Ridgeback


    I honestly could use Ethos Greenfresh every day for the rest of my life!!!
  5. Ridgeback

    First time cooking a Prime Rib

    I have quite a few Rib Roasts many different ways...My biggest tip is to Let it Rest long enough!!!
  6. Ridgeback

    How do you take care of shaving razors?

    I take it apart after every use and wipe it down with TP
  7. Ridgeback

    Son's Xmas Kit

    Timeless. 68 Custom Brush...HMW Knot SS Stand & Soaps
  8. Ridgeback

    whats better for controlling de razors? short or long handles?

    For me I prefer 4"/ 100mm.....I struggle with short handles...I end up putting my Blackbird handle on my razors that are shortys.
  9. Ridgeback

    How Many Soaps?

    #1 Ethos Greenfresh Dragons Blood Success Clean #2 Noble Otter Bare Barrbarr Firefighter #3 B & M Lavanille Fougere Angelic Le Grand Chypre #4 MdC Rose This is what I am using, I have a long list of soaps that my Face did not like!
  10. Ridgeback

    In search of an almond sized spoon

    Thanks!!!...Now you have me thinking about making a Damasteel spoon😆
  11. Ridgeback

    Matte finish shoe polish

    I have been using Saphir creme polish on my Caiman and Shark boots for a long time...I don't want a high shine on them...I feel the subtle shine is a bit more classy than a super shiny boot.
  12. Ridgeback

    Vintage spoons to scoop up soap/cream

    I made this a knife I made,it works great...I was using my finger. ..I may make a spoon.
  13. Ridgeback

    What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

    A&E for my son's Xmas kit....MdC Rose for me
  14. Ridgeback

    Some Special Walnut

    Beautiful piece of wood!
  15. Ridgeback

    No Lathe Handle Making WIP

    An 8" Contact wheel
  16. Ridgeback

    Karve Christopher Bradley Widebody Brass

    I have been gravitating towards my Karve D plate razor more often than anything else lately....It is the easiest to Drive in my den.
  17. Ridgeback

    Black Friday Sale at Pasteur's Pharmacy in NYC

    Lol...Great Customer service from them!!!...They refunded me since my order was not processed.
  18. Ridgeback

    Black Friday Sale at Pasteur's Pharmacy in NYC

    To late ...I over paid for the 50 gram jar😠....I will see how good their return policy is.
  19. Ridgeback

    Black Friday Sale at Pasteur's Pharmacy in NYC

    This was the only place I found MDC Rose...The only issue is that there are two different weights in the description of the product.
  20. Ridgeback

    Who here shaves every day?

    Every day....I may miss 1 or 2 days a month.
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