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  1. Fawkes007

    FS Den Reduction - Simpsons SiLVERTIP Duke 3, Brad Sears, Paladin, Blackland Blackbird, ATT!

    Hey Gang! Massive den reduction - quality stuff, some unused. Boxes included. I am the original owner. All prices include shipping. CONUS only. Prices firm. All in excellent condition. 1. Simpsons SiLVERTiP Duke 3, brand new, never used. Ivory Grain handle. $275.00 2. Paladin Moe, 28mm...
  2. Fawkes007

    FS Above the Tie Windsor Polished SS and Copper H&R plates as new USA made plus pre-owned stand

    Hey gang Up for sale is a new, never used USA made Above the Tie Windsor with polished stainless steel cap and 90mm Calypso handle with copper H and R plates. Also included is a pre-owned brushed stainless steel inkwell stand. Asking $275.00 shipped CONUS.
  3. Fawkes007

    Blackland just announced the Ti Blackbird and the OC Vector...

    ...and I thought I was done buying razors this year. Damn you, Shane!
  4. Fawkes007

    Dry Aged Prime Rib of Beef Experiment

    Hey gang! I am a total dry-aged beef freak. It is how beef should be. That said, I was tired of paying OUTRAGEOUS prices for dry-aged CHOICE grade steaks and even higher prices for PRIME grade. So... I got on YouTube, found this dude Guga, who turned me on to UMAi dry aging bags. Armed with...
  5. Fawkes007

    FS ATT SE1 with aftermarket handle

    Hey gang, Up for sale is a used 2016 ATT SE1 with an aftermarket handle that “appears” to be a Weber Stainless Steel Classic handle (the seller bought it used and didn't know the brand, but I thought it could be a Weber based on their website). The handle is 3 7/8 inches long and weighs 2.58...
  6. Fawkes007

    Den Downsizing - Charcoal Goods, Simpsons, Fatboy, Paladin

    Hey Gang! Got some high quality loot for sale here. I was the original buyer, so these are all one owner, well cared for, items. 1. Charcoal Goods gen 2 Lvl 2 Razor w/Anchor handle, used a few times. $225 shipped CONUS 2. Charcoal Goods gen 2 Lvl 3 Razor w/Florian Cross handle, used once...
  7. Fawkes007

    Guitar players - distortion / OD pedal for rhythm?

    Hey guys - I’m actually a bass player who dabbles a little (very little) on six string. My focus is typically rhythm guitar - Keith Richards stuff. I have a nice little 5 watt tube amp (Gries), but that is too loud for my living situation, so I generally run my guitar through a Class D bass...
  8. Fawkes007

    So this came in my email today (ATT content)

    https://www.abovethetie.com/blogs/news/introducing-the-windsor-pro?goal=0_cbacee1efd-3839d81700-185294005&mc_cid=3839d81700&mc_eid=e8f824b494 Just when I thought I as out, they pull me back in!
  9. Fawkes007

    Stainless Steel French Press Suggestions

    Hey everyone - I am in the market for a new French Press in stainless steel. My current press is the 12oz Bodum Chambord. Looking for something a little larger that will brew a kick *** cuppa Joe. Price isn't an object. Thanks.
  10. Fawkes007

    So...anyone else watching Wrestlemania?

  11. Fawkes007

    FS Timeless .95 Scalloped Plate SS Razor w/ Stand and Original Box

    Hey gang - I have a Timeless .95 SS razor with the scalloped base plate, TRH1 knurled handle, stand, (all in the polished finish) and original box for sale. I purchased this razor direct from Timeless in January and used it a half dozen times. Why am I selling? My ATT Windsor H better serves...
  12. Fawkes007

    This is enough, right?

  13. Fawkes007

    Zenith Manchurian M2

    Thinning the herd again. Zenith Manchurian M2 (“chubby”). 28 mm knot. Purchased new by me in January. Box included. Used a few times, excellent condition. $65 shipped CONUS only.
  14. Fawkes007

    Newman's Own - Newman-O's and Woodinville Rye...

    ...they're great, if you dunk 'em.
  15. Fawkes007

    I don't like red colored aftershaves.

    There, I said it. Doesn't matter if I like the scent, the red color will kill it for me. Green, clear, cognac, scotch, even gewurztraminer colors work for me. But not red. I don't like red colored aftershave. Maybe because it reminds me of Robitussin.
  16. Fawkes007

    Samples!! Who doesn't love samples??

    I know I sure do! Whether it's ordering a boat-load of samples from Maggard's (like I just did), or the samples included free when you purchase soaps and splashes from some of the artisan makers, it's a great way to determine what works, what doesn't, and what just makes you think, "meh"...
  17. Fawkes007

    So...what am I supposed to do with this stuff?

    600 grammes of it, too.
  18. Fawkes007

    Chicken Boo, what’s the matter with you?

    You don’t act like the other chickens do
  19. Fawkes007

    Charcoal Goods SS DE arrived today!

    Got the level 2 with the anchor handle. Beautiful razor. Neat packaging, too!
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