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  1. ERS4

    Most Frustrating Double Edge Razor

    I rotate my pils regularly and still like it very much. Due to design factors, its blades hardly bend and can be said to be flat ; therefore, a very shallow angle must be maintained to achieve its highest shaving efficiency. . Because of the above reasons, the shaving feel of pils is very...
  2. ERS4

    Which Razor should I try

    6s reason: 1.Interesting design concept. 2. Very comfortable shave. 3.The quality like a tank. 4. Get five razors at a time at a very affordable price. Although I have other more expensive razors such as timeless/as-d2, for anyone who has doubts, I would recommend Rockwell 6s.
  3. ERS4

    AS-D2 todsy

    My as-d2 love all my blades.
  4. ERS4

    The Rockwell 6S in two brilliant new colours (Red & Blue)!!

    I also love my primary color 6S. But I will avoid red in my shave den collection so that I can immediately notice any bleeding.
  5. ERS4

    Mini barber pole

    It is true that I always stare at their barber pole every time I pass by the barber shop on the street; but I never found small enough to fit into my shave den reasonably, so I had to make it myself.
  6. ERS4

    Mini barber pole

    I handmade a mini barber pole to decorate my shave den. Used PET preforms, plastic beads, ball pens, aluminum wire, and cowhide. The size is approximately the height of a general DE. There is a magnet on the back, which can be placed anywhere I like. Of course, it can be turned.
  7. ERS4

    How do you count your shaves on blades, soaps, etc...

    I love my dice. They make my shaving den look better.
  8. ERS4

    Have I found my DE holy grail?

    REX also has the most non-slip handle I have ever seen, unparalleled.
  9. ERS4

    Poll: What‘s your favorite colour for the Rockwell 6S?

    Any added color may fall off over time, so I prefer to the original matte color. Although bright colors such as red/blue are attractive, I also avoid using red on shaving items to ensure that I can be spotted in time when I am bleeding.
  10. ERS4

    What Razor Would You Replace Immediately If You Lost/Broke It?

    I only carry three-dollar minshi when I travel, and almost all razors in shave den of my home are made of ti or ss, which greatly reduces my worry about loss or damage. And each of them is my first choice, which is enough to cross use. For me, the "irreplaceable" of these razors is purely a...
  11. ERS4

    safety razor head covers

    I use better leather to make my own by hand. I only use it when traveling to avoid damage to the finish of the razor head by other items in the wash bag; and I will keep blade in the razor and use this leather cover-even if handle is removed, the cap & plate will not be separated, which also...
  12. ERS4

    Gifted a bottle of Japanese whiskey

    This is a very famous Japanese brand. The Japanese even filmed dramas - "マッサン(Massan)" for the founder of the brand, which once caused people to rush to buy this whisky named after its origin, it even caused insufficient production. 連続テレビ小説「マッサン」|NHKドラマ -...
  13. ERS4

    Yaqi synthetic brushes - your opinions?

    Haven't seen yaqi buyers who really regretted. Some people mentioned the bumpy glue for a while, but most people still love their yaqis. I have four yaqis and am satisfied with it.
  14. ERS4

    Karve brass washer warning

    After using the washer for a while, I feel troublesome with it added steps of disassembly and may fall into the drain hole. Now I put a sticker under all my plates, it just looks like invisible, no added steps of disassembly; it's thin and strong so don't worry about reducing thread engagement.
  15. ERS4

    Gillette & schick

    I am also tired of being kidnapped by the profit and specifications of the ink cartridges, and was surprised to find that DE is better for me.
  16. ERS4

    First good synthetic

    Thank you for your generous reply. This type is indeed named "Mysterious Space". The beautiful universe above makes my shaving time more visually enjoyable.
  17. ERS4

    Should I not use the same hand on the opposite side?

    If you cannot change your habits, it is not uncommon to shave with your dominant hand. But since we are stepping into and cultivating a brand new experience, doing things that we have not done before; It's the perfect time to try and use the other hand, I believe this will definitely bring more...
  18. ERS4

    First good synthetic

    I love my yaqi.
  19. ERS4

    Razorock handles, worth it?

    In its price range, razorock's 316 handle is definitely an excellent choice worthwhile; the company's production is obvious to all, so there is no need to worry. Most modern DE heads are M5x0.8 universal screw specifications, except for fatip, almost all modern heads have interchangeable...
  20. ERS4

    Shavette Style

    I am also a fan of Shavette. Although I am not the number one fan, I really love my parker srx. Considering that shaving head with DE is less stressful, so DE is still my main razor; but if I only shave my face, then shavette is enough.
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