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  1. Justin1976

    Brass razors diy patina!

    I came across this on the web and it looked so good I thought I’d bring it here. Before and after pictures.... He started with a brand new brass razor. Cleaned and scrubbed with soap then cleaned with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils or residue. Separated parts and soaked one at a time in...
  2. Justin1976

    Aftershave balm problems?

    Does anyone find that using a balm after shaving causes skin to break out? I’ve always had a problem with sebum bumps on my right cheek under eye. Sometimes they aren’t noticeable but I wonder if using a balm makes it worse or better. I’m a picker so I always squeeze them out when they appear...
  3. Justin1976

    Thoughts on Karve aluminum

    The Karve Christopher Bradley aluminum razors look nice and the baseplate gap option is appealing. What do you guys think of them? The black and red anodizing is nice looking. How’s the performance and the quality of them. 7075 aluminum is tough stuff. I just wonder if it’s too light?
  4. Justin1976

    Looking for a good bay rum or B&M Seville kinda scent

    I would like something that performs as good as it smells. Was thinking about trying mystic waters bay rum and maybe captains choice bay rum. Any other recommendations? I really like the Seville smell also but not sure it performs. I get better lather from Proraso. Anyone sell sampler packs...
  5. Justin1976

    First time with the R41

    Bowl lather with barrister and Mann Seville and Muhle synthetic silvertip brush. 2 passes with the grain and across the grain. 3rd was just touch up. Lather looked great in bowl (added little water at a time and mixed until I could lift brush and leave nice peaks. I thought it had decent sheen...
  6. Justin1976

    1 purchase for shaving if money was no object?

    What 1 shave item would you buy if the price did not matter?
  7. Justin1976

    New Muhle synthetic

    Just received a Mühle 39k257 synthetic silvertip brush and for the price I am very impressed! Very dense and soft. Looks 2 times better than my Edwin Jagger best badger right out of the box.
  8. Justin1976

    Thayers toner cucumber smell

    Just picked some cucumber spray up from target along with the unscented pour bottle. Not a fan of the cucumber smell. Does it go away after use. The smell I mean?
  9. Justin1976

    Stroping on a machine?

    I got to thinking. What kind of results do you think I could get on the machine stroping a straight? Using only leather strop belts with compound and bare leather. I’m not sure on the compound grits but I usually use the green on my knives and it puts a fine polished edge on upper grade steels...
  10. Justin1976

    Thinking about trying a real straight.

    I’ve only used a shavette a few times over the years with ok results. I did like the more precise control around beard lines but the shave wasn’t as close as I’d prefer. Once I had a professional shave from a barber with a shavette and the results were much better. After reading on these...
  11. Justin1976

    Experienced knife sharpener here with a strop question.

    So I do not have a legit straight razor (yet). Only a shavette with feather blades but rarely use it. I’m a big knife guru and have a professional sharpening system that can take any blade to shave sharp pretty fast. Kalamazoo 1x32 belt sander with progression of many belts and leather strop...
  12. Justin1976

    Thoughts on preshave oils or creams

    If one has a good soap lather do you really think preshave products make a difference or is it just marketing hype to sell more unnecessary stuff? What’s your thoughts on this? To me the oils under the lather seem to cause blades to gunk up more but I’m still learning.
  13. Justin1976

    First shave with all the pre-post product

    Equipment used ... Brush; Edwin Jagger best badger Lather mug; Edwin Jagger Razor; Vikings Blade Emperor Augustus adjustable Blade; Feather 1st use Pre shave; Proraso menthol green jar Shave soap; Proraso menthol green tub Alum; Osma block Aftershave balm; Nivea...
  14. Justin1976

    Too many brush choices!

    With so many brushes out there is there really a big performance difference from $20 to 30$ brushes and $30 to $100 brushes? Synthetic vs best badger vs silvertip? The choices are confusing! I see Parker and Vikings blade brushes are highly rated. I have thick stubble and like a brush that...
  15. Justin1976

    Benefit of SB baseplate?

    If you only shave a few times a week and have coarse beard do you see any benefit in a SB base? Maybe OC first 2 passes then sb on 3rd pass? Does anyone feel they get better results on final pass with sb vs oc?
  16. Justin1976

    Semi aggressive open comb options Ikon b1 or Muhle r41

    Anyone have experience with either? Or other options I should look at?
  17. Justin1976

    New just checking in

    A little background. I was one of the people that grew up on the latest and greatest multi blade cartridge razors. I think a lot of people fall into that trap out of convenience and speed to get the chore of shaving over quickly as possible! Several years ago I got a Merkur 34c HD with a Edwin...
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