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  1. warman2012

    William's Mug...Here we go again... (Ongoing Review)

    Hey all. I have not been active on these forums in some time, but I thought I would post an ongoing review for Williams Mug. Yes, that Williams Mug, the soap that is polarized all over wet shaverdom. I recently ran low on my go-to soap, Van Der Hagen, and thought to give this a try. My...
  2. warman2012

    Do Schick Hydro Carts fit a Personna handle and vice versa?

    Simply as the title implies. Both the Hydro razor and the Personna cousin (i.e. Walmart 5 blade razor) use the same type of heads from the looks of it. Question is, are these heads interchangeable at all?
  3. warman2012

    Learning, having fun, coming full circle

    Well gents, I will admit, I have had fun throughout these last three to four years of using safety razors. From my venerable Parker 99r to now my Schick Injector type I, I have been on an incredible journey. However, there comes a time when a man needs to prioritize what is important. Right now...
  4. warman2012

    Any brushes in a barbershop pole style that does not cost more than 10 bucks?

    Just what the title says. I am looking for a barbershop pole design brush that won't cost more than 10 bucks. Is this possible or just wishful thinking?
  5. warman2012

    What is a Barbershop Shave?

    Recently I have gotten back into full wetshaving and watching new shaving videos. This got me to thinking, what do people come to expect in a Barbershop Shave? The reason I ask this is because there is a shop in my hometown that has a shaving service, but they use safety razors as well as...
  6. warman2012

    Warman's Groovy Journey

    Soo, not sure where to start with this. I started shaving probably in 2005-2006ish in my freshman year when I was 15. I used the standard getup every male my age and generation inevitably did, a three-bladed razor, some canned goop, and the works. I did this repeatedly for about a few years...
  7. warman2012

    Schick Type L clones - A request

    Could someone post photos of a side-by-side comparison of a genuine type L vs its clones such as the Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements clone?
  8. warman2012

    Chick Blades, is there a secret to making them last so long?

    So I've shaved with an injector for about a month. What I've found out is that the blades I use, the Chick blades, do last, to some extent, as long as I don't go BBS. Well, when I do, the blades pull and tug as the hair gets closer to the skin. I eventually realized that doing the stropping...
  9. warman2012

    Gillette Tech Razor, Is it Da Bomb?!

    Yo! So, I've done some research and experimentation on my Schick Injector Type I razor, which gives me adequate, if sometimes tricky, shaves. What it has going for it that I like would be the light head, short handle, and relatively stiff blade. This got me thinking, what if there was a razor...
  10. warman2012

    Do we all need Baby Butt Smoothness?

    Hi, so, I've recently gone into wetshaving with an SE injector and some Van Der Hagen soap. Thing is, I'm not so sure BBS is really a thing I can achieve without ingrowns as I constantly struggle with them ever since I tried doing the three pass routine. I've been pretty careful to always use...
  11. warman2012

    Howdy Mr. Van Der Hagen, mind showing me around?

    This post will be about my first impressions with the Van Der Hagen Deluxe Shave set. Set comes with brush, bowl, stand, and soap. Now, the first time I used this set, as well as properly wet shaved in general, was about two days ago. That time was a three pass shave with a Schick Type I...
  12. warman2012

    Now I'm just curious, that bendin' of da blade, is it that what's cutting folks?

    Hey gents, I got a question for you. Being a DE user I have used TTO razors like the Parker 99r and Weishi clones of the Super Speed. Whenever I loaded a blade in one of these razors, I inevitably noticed that the blade flexed at a bent angle (not a slant) as it was closed. Sure enough, I'm...
  13. warman2012

    Shavin Mail Call!!! I got me my Schick Type I (Part 2)

    Ok gents, so I just disinfected and shaved with my Type I hydro-magic razor. I used for the shave just a standard face wash for prep and usage of Gillette shave gel for the soap. My first impressions of this razor are fantastic. The first pass WTG was phenomenal. The razor cut better than the...
  14. warman2012

    Shavin Mail Call!!! I got's me my Shick Type I!

    That's right! Got it in this morning. My first old-timey razor (I'm a millennial chap). Its a Hydro-Magic variety razor. I'm going to try and post pics later on. But for now I thought I would share the love. I'm going to do a shave with this after I can get this cleaned up and get a fresh blade...
  15. warman2012

    OK Gents, mind ponying up GEM razor blade info?

    So this is as blunt as I can make it. I see em, but I dunno if they are the real McCoy. Can anyone tell me what, if any 100 pack of SE GEM-like blades are actually good for shaving and not just paint scrapers?
  16. warman2012

    Would Red Bull be a 'gentlemanly indulgence'?

    Yes, I decided to suggest it as a bit of thought provoking chaos. So, what's the word, is Red Bull good or is it crap?
  17. warman2012

    How the hell did Gillette Guard razors get so popular?

    Yeah, that's right. How could something as floppy in construction as the Guard end up being a popular razor in India whereas other similar razors like Injectors, GEMs, and even Bic 1 disposable blades have existed since time immemorial?!
  18. warman2012

    I did it, I popped on a Schick Type I!

    You read right folks, I purchased a vintage Schick Type I, the Hydro Magic variety. I saw it for about 15 bucks and decided to pop on it. I have a store that sells blades here in my town, so I thought I'd give it a whirl. Once it comes in I'll give a review.
  19. warman2012

    Schick Type L clones and Type I Discussion

    Hi, I was recently taking a look at the Ebarbershop Schick clone as well as the Type L Shave Classic clone. I've read that these clones are not well made and so wanted to check here for any opinions before I sprung on one. Also, I happened to find a genuine type I for sale which is in fairly...
  20. warman2012

    Adjustable Razors

    Does anyone know EXACTLY how adjustable razors make it so you can adjust the shave you want? What mechanism does it use? Also, is the Ming Shi adjustable worth a damn? I may be looking to get back into DE, but only if its $25 or below for the razor and its adjustable. The ming shi fits both...
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