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  1. Benoni

    School me on YAQI synthetic brushes backbone

    Simpsons T3 or Omega EVO
  2. Benoni

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" December 28th, 2020 - January 3rd, 2021

    🍻 Cheers fellas, wishing everyone a fantastic evening and a happy 2021! What's your poison for tonight?
  3. Benoni

    Four soaps forever

    MdC Vetiver MdC Agrumes Cella bio (aloe vera) Razorock Santa Maria del Fiore
  4. Benoni

    Alpha/Executive Shaving Outlaw or Tatara Nodachi?

    I have the full Tatara Nodachi head and also the Masamune baseplate, no experience with the Outlaw. The hybrid Tatara is an awesome mix between efficiency and smoothness, great daily driver for me. Looking at the other razor you are considering, the full Nodachi might be more up your alley...
  5. Benoni

    Gillette Platinum (Swede), wow!

    After a couple more shaves with these blades I have to conclude that they are just not sharp enough for me. It's a very safe and smooth blade but the end result is just not close enough..
  6. Benoni

    rose scented soaps and creams what's out there?

    MdC Rose, highly recommended!
  7. Benoni

    Gillette Platinum (Swede), wow!

    Just tried the modern Swede in my Rockwell 6S (plate 5) and the sharpness does seem a bit higher than the 3/5 I gave it before, I'd say it's comparable to the regular Gillette Platinum. Awesome blades!
  8. Benoni

    What makes the Rockwell 6S such a great shaver?

    Over the past 8 years or so I've used a broad spectrum of razors, from an R89 to a Tatara Nodachi. Like so many of us, I enjoy the quest of finding the perfect shaver.. I've used about 25 modern razors varying wildly in blade gap/exposure, clamping, metals and weight. While I can get a fine...
  9. Benoni

    gillette nacet v gillette rubie

    I would rate (out of 5): Nacet: sharpness 5 - smoothness 3,5 Rubie: sharpness 3,5 - smoothness 4 I do prefer the Nacets for my stubble but the Rubie is also a fine blade.
  10. Benoni

    how many blades do you have? who has the most blades on the forum?

    I probably have around 1200 blades today, number is rising exponentially..
  11. Benoni

    Gillette Platinum (Swede), wow!

    I received my 50 modern 'Swedes' from Bulgaria and had my first shave with one today. I rushed into the shave without any prep and I must say that these blades handled it well. While I would only rate them 3/5 for sharpness, I find them to be very smooth and forgiving. I need to try them with...
  12. Benoni

    Soaps that won’t make my face act up

    MdC Nature
  13. Benoni

    Tatara (Portugal) and Yaqi (Australia) shipping time to US

    The order might be with customs? I'm in Europe and received my 2 orders from Tatara within 5 working days. Did you opt for express shipping?
  14. Benoni

    Top 5 luxury manufacturers

  15. Benoni

    Post Shave Irritation, What Works Best For You?

    If I get some weepers from no prep, rushing or testing new items; I'll usually apply the leftover lather on the affected area(s). Afterwards I'll rinse with cold water and apply a splash without any synthetic fragrance. In case I see some redness coming up on my neck, aloe will always take care...
  16. Benoni

    Razorock Santa Maria del Fiore alternatives

    Interesting, this might be exactly what I'm looking for in a fragrance. The Santa Maria Novella Tobacco Toscano edt lacks the menthol/eucalyptus note that I'm looking for. Will check whether any samples can be found online or if I can find it locally, thanks!
  17. Benoni

    Razorock Santa Maria del Fiore alternatives

    After using it in rotation with a lot of other soaps, I've almost finished my tub of Razorock's SMDF cream/soap. I absolutely LOVE the scent profile but feel like the lather dries a bit too quickly compared to my other favorites. (I mainly rotate MdC soaps and a handful of others) I've...
  18. Benoni

    Gillette Platinum (Swede), wow!

    Just ordered 50 of these on Ebay, very curious to see how they perform!
  19. Benoni

    Proraso white (sensitive) balm reformulated?

    I might indeed source an older bottle from a local supplier. I do think the scent of my new bottle is off-putting, I'd be curious to know whether it is maybe a bad batch?
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