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  1. wsteineker

    Lee Sabini's Contact Info

    Would one of you gents please be so kind as to PM me Mr. Sabini's most up to date email address? My tax return was a little more generous than I initially thought it would be and I've decided to go ahead and splurge on a new brush. Thanks in advance!
  2. wsteineker

    Morris & Forndran Handle Question

    Afternoon, gents. I have a quick question that I hope some of you will be able to answer. What is this particular M&F handle style called? I've seen it referred to as both a Stubby and a Chubby during my attempt to answer this question for myself, and there's a bit of conflicting information...
  3. wsteineker

    Connaught Wooden Shaving Soap Bowls

    Do any of you have some experience with Connaught Shaving's wooden shaving soap bowls? For reference, I'm specifically talking about the small and medium sized bowls shown here: http://connaughtshaving.com/woodenbowls.html. How's the finish? Are they as smooth and even as they look? From the...
  4. wsteineker

    What are my options for smaller soaps?

    My mother recently unearthed my great grandfather's shaving mug and gave it to me after cleaning it up a bit. It's a beautiful glass piece that's just a little over three inches wide. What's interesting is that it has five curved feet (of a sort) in the base that form a circle. I started using...
  5. wsteineker

    Suggest a Scent for a Longtime Fragrance Lurker

    Howdy, team. As the title of this post suggests, I'm a longtime lurker in this particular forum. As such, I've watched you fine folks celebrate smells and viscerate others, always dissecting and discussing them with a level of precision I simply don't possess. I appreciate your expertise and...
  6. wsteineker

    Rose Gold Plating

    I'm thinking of having my '66 Ball End Tech re-plated in rose gold and I wondered if any of you gents might have any experience with that sort of thing. Anyone have any thoughts on the process? What do you think about the durability of the finish? What about the look? I'm keen to hear your...
  7. wsteineker

    I need your help solving my case of SBAD!

    Good evening, gents! I find myself in urgent need of your help. It seems I've been struck with my first major flareup of Shaving Brush Acquisition Disorder. I've thought long and hard about the situation, and I've come to the conclusion that the only way to resolve the issue is to give in and...
  8. wsteineker

    Above the Tie Rhodium Razor Question

    Do any of you have any kind of experience with Above the Tie's replated/restored razors? I'm in the market for a 40's style Super Speed with the intention of having it replated in rhodium. I'd planned to grab the razor from either the BST or the 'Bay and send it off to one of the usual...
  9. wsteineker

    Barrister & Mann Cheshire Shaving Soap

    I received my shipment of Barrister & Mann Cheshire shaving soap on Monday after having ordered it well after the close of business Thursday night. It's my first experience with their product, as I've always stuck with creams and soaps from major European firms (Proraso, TOBS, D.R. Harris, and...
  10. wsteineker

    Looking for a Simpson Duke 3 Two Band

    The title of this one pretty much says it all. Where can a gent purchase a Duke 3 in two band? I know I can camp out over in the BST until one pops up, but I was hoping to purchase one new so as to avoid the wait. Any ideas, team?
  11. wsteineker

    wsteineker's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Will Steineker What are your nicknames/aliases? wsteineker Where do you live? Montgomery, AL What is your age (or) generation? 33 What are you in the real world? Project Manager What is your favorite shave setup? It's summer, so I'm rocking a...
  12. wsteineker

    DE Rookie Checking In From Alabama

    Howdy gang! After lurking around the forum for months and reading every single thing I could before taking the wet shaving plunge, I've decided that it's time to join up and say hello. I guess it'd be appropriate to tell you a little bit about myself, right? I'm a 32 year old guy who's been...
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