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  1. lurchbrian

    Working from home

    i am with you here pre lockdown i suffered from mild depression but was abble to keep it at bay due to work and the ability to visit with good company . now during the lock down i am having a hard time keeping afloat mentally as my previous mild depression is about 10x as bad but at least im...
  2. lurchbrian

    Is Witch Hazel a hoax?

    its always good to get a second opinion just wish i had before i got married
  3. lurchbrian

    Is Witch Hazel a hoax?

    that was your first mistake trusting a wiki article now all i can say is that i find that it aids in the reduction of razor rash notice i said reduction not healing .
  4. lurchbrian

    Shipping From Artisans

    on the cost of shipping where you say buy more pay more . well i have never had this as i tend to ask for combined shipping if its from the same retailer as with some each item is a seperate order as some are having the orders deliverd from different areas .
  5. lurchbrian

    Talk me out of spending $200+ on shaving stuff

    let me help you send me the $250. and let me invest it for you i have had many years in the investment area with my last posting being part of the red rock investment department so i know just how to make your money pay me .
  6. lurchbrian

    Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

    have you tried the automatic shaving axe by sthil ? heard they can be a bit rough .:c9:
  7. lurchbrian

    Early experience

    relax take your time dont chase it as the earth is round so it will be back again as for your prep i find just a good quality moisturising soap does me . oh and just a reminder no preasure .. have fun .
  8. lurchbrian

    Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

    i have just thought this with the amount of uses isnt realy that good a guide to blade quality . for lets say im a one pass shaver my blade will out last most that are three pass shavers . just a thought .
  9. lurchbrian

    What is the advantage of a 3 piece razor vs a TTO razor

    i have tried tto's didn't like them then went to my 5 piece and love it for what i can do with it ie. change the blade gap ,change from open comb to closed , change the handle ,change the top cap now try that with your tto's .
  10. lurchbrian

    Let's talk about styptic

    if its just for the odd weepers then its the alum block from the cooking isle at my local indian shop if its any worse then its proraso healing gel a pin head size put direct on the nick does the trick .
  11. lurchbrian

    Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

    today was the sad end to my first king gillette blade after seven good shaves , i could have gone on for a few more but i dont believe in forcing a shave . at its end it was still smooth and fairly sharp so as some say that the blades cost a bit more, well when i normally get 3-4 shaves out of a...
  12. lurchbrian

    Fatip Piccolo Lo Storto now available...

    looks like they have changed their minds . Fatip Safety Razors (connaughtshaving.com)
  13. lurchbrian

    Am I being weird?

    nope your not weird your just doing your bit to keep the economy going in these hard times .
  14. lurchbrian

    Just like Grampa used to shave

    well when i go to get a hair cut my hair is so bad i just ask for the front the back and sides special and they spend more time trimming my ear hair than the rest of my head .
  15. lurchbrian

    PIF: Free - pickup in Toronto, Canada - Euro shaving cream, a/s, cologne, blades

    great pif but respectfully not in due to travel restrictions . :scooter:
  16. lurchbrian

    Williams Shaving Bowl Info

    on a quick google all i could find is this one with soap from a old sale. VINTAGE WOODEN WILLIAMS SHAVING BOWL & SOAP | #431611541 (worthpoint.com)
  17. lurchbrian

    cheep king c blades

    we all have the ability to make our own choices yes they are more than most but i find them a good blade whereas you might not .
  18. lurchbrian

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    nope it wont you will get a award for being so brave .
  19. lurchbrian

    cheep king c blades

    wilst i was in my local morrisons i found king c de blades at 10 for £5 so i thought id give them a try first shave well i know where im going next back to morrisons to buy some more . to me they feel sharp and smooth no tugging just fell the stubble .
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