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  1. maxTesti

    First Impressions Rockwell 6S / Muhle Rocca

    I've been DE shaving for over a year. I mostly shaved with a Merkur 34C and only recently I changed to the 37C (thanks!). These are just first impressions. I shaved with each razor three times. I shaved first with the Rocca because I received it first, and then the 6S a couple of weeks later...
  2. maxTesti

    Rockwell 6S - Matte Black Shave Set

    I got $40 off + free int. shipping, Code: BACKINBLACK
  3. maxTesti

    I want to upgrade from Merkur 34C

    I've been using the 34C for about a year. It's been great for learning to shave but it's become too mild. I tried the shimming trick but it was too aggressive. It lost the smoothness that I enjoy of the 34C. I had to be really careful not to cut myself. I didn't like it, at all. I would like a...
  4. maxTesti

    Looking for a More Efficient Razor

    Hey all, I've been using the RR MJ90A for a few weeks and I'm just starting to learn how to not put pressure and let the blade do the work, which was easier said than done, but I'm getting there. I like the MJ90A but I wish it was a little more efficient. The problem is when I have to go over...
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