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    shaving not on a regular basis

    For a while my job required me to shave daily, and I was getting good at getting a good close shave with my gold dollar. Now I don't shave everyday due to time constraints and other factors. So now I shave maybe twice a week. That makes for a rough shave due to the longer hair. Once I get that...
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    proraso red on the way!

    I have ordered a tub of proraso red label and will be enjoying it soon. I was wondering if yall had any advice for a newbie to help me along when I get it. At present I have a tub of van der hagen that came in a cheap starter set w/ brush and bowl. One thing at a time so new soap first. I can...
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    a question of taste?

    So the question is this. I have a been using shaving soap and going good, but it lacks the slickness(?) that I like. Should I use a cream or maybe add some oils? What are y'alls thoughts on such things? Thanks ahead of time, HOSS
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    pet problem

    I just got my first shaving brush and walked into the bathroom to find my cat chewing on it! Anybody else out there have experience with this problem? :laugh:
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    I am getting spoiled

    I had been looking, for quite a while, for a pen that drew a nice clean dark line. I settled on a gel pen and that was ok, but still not quite what I was looking for. Then I got a pilot metro and I have found what I have been looking for all long. I am enjoying the heck out of it too. I seem to...
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    left over ink

    Just acquired a pilot metropolitan and some extra ink cartridges and a bottle on ink I'm am anxious to try. I started with a cartridge that is about half full still. Is there a way to save that one so I can fill the converter and play with the bottle of ink I bought? P.S. I am enjoying the heck...
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    so maybe no handlebar after all

    Well my lovely wife has put the nix on growing a handlebar mustache:thumbdown. So... what other styles are out there. I wear a van dyke and would like to do something with my mustache. Prophoss
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    some good practice?

    two fold question. 1. Looking to start using a fountain pen, but what would be a good starter. Any kind just inexpensive. Was talking with a very nice gentleman at pen paradise at the galleria, Dallas, and showed me a good starter, but out of my reach at the moment. 2. What would be a good way...
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    training days

    Well I got hold of some got2b glued gel. I have tried it and, well maybe I did it wrong :blushing:, but my mustache still wants to go it's own way. How long will it take to train it? Would wax work better? As soon as can I plan on getting some firehouse or fisticuffs wax. Would appreciate a...
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    Just looking for some basic ideas about what to do for the pre-shave part of my ritual. I really don't have any at the moment. Thanks, Prophoss
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    why use a DE vs modern?

    Y'all have a lot of info on here. If someone could direct me to a thread perhaps about why you would want to use a DE razor as opposed to say a modern gillet mach 4 or some such razor? If it is simply financial, cheaper refills, I would try it but may have to pass. If it shaves better then you...
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    Howdy y'al

    Name is Brian, I'm from up around Ft Worth. Been real curious about wet shaving and all that goes with it. I am a curious sort with lots of questions. I will appreciate all the help y'all with give me. Prophoss
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