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    Best shave of my life ... using Williams!

    Very good tip--worth reading the thread just for this. Thanx!
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    Mueller's Shave Bar?

    Just did a search on this and couldn't find anything. I found it (along with a nice little display card) on the shelf over at The Farms in Santa Monica, CA. Anyone have any experience with it? I think they wanted $2.99 for a "bar". http://www.muellersshavebar.com
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    score! gold flare tip?

    I'm not sure what is being said here, but let me just say: 1. This is the same picture set I sent to the seller to explain the situation. 2. I said the seller NEVER claimed it was gold; that was MY assumption. 3. This is the same razor, right out of the box, positioned the same...
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    Will a company ever make a new injector again?

    Besides, if anyone came out with a new injector, you know it would be in some loud fluorescent color scheme, with an over-done mountaineering/drift racing rubberized "sport" grip and dopey EXtRemE!! graphics....not to mention a version with a battery (Dude, if I want an ELECTRIC razor, I'll BUY...
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    score! gold flare tip?

    Mine was from ebay seller "kinggillete". She's got some auctions running right now with that same "gold" lighting. You can do a search or check here: http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/kinggillette_W0QQ_nkwZQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZQQ_sopZ1 To the seller's credit, it was NOT listed as gold--that...
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    Price for a Schick injector?

    I'm currently using a Japanese Twin Schick blade in my vintage Eversharp-Schick (see pic). The fit is pretty good--I had no trouble loading the blade. It is true that the twin blades clog easily--I use a used SE blade to clean the razor when I'm done. But it's also true that those twin...
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    score! gold flare tip?

    Last July I bought this razor on eBay WITHOUT asking questions. The pic below includes the auction pic and my pic of the razor UNTOUCHED, right out of the box. :eek: Lighting & digital photos are not 100% reliable.
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    Price for a Schick injector?

    Living in Los Angeles, I would LOVE to be able to find those razors at those prices! Everything's higher here 'cuz prop people are always buying stuff up for movies--and the antique stores know it.
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    Vintage Injector Blade dates?

    The "ouch" portion of your reply satisfied a good portion of my curiosity! Thanks!!
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    Injector Questions???

    I shave regularly with a NOS Schick I bought from eBay--it is the long black handled razor and mine came with a pack of TWIN injector blades which I really like (Japanese versions of these blades are available on both B&B and eBay). I find the "drugstore" blades to be just fine--I actually like...
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    Vintage Injector Blade dates?

    I recently purchased a translucent amber handled Schick that came with a matching injector cartridge with about 10 of the original 20 blades in it. How can I date these blades? The blade cartridge has these markings: EVERSHARP SCHICK B47 PAT. 1969945 Made in USA No holes in the blades, they...
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    Will a company ever make a new injector again?

    I've found that the 11-blade injector pack at CVS Pharmacy/Drug store to be a good quality injector blade (and usually a pack is $4.99 in Los Angeles--or less when on sale).
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    Pics of Gillette injector?

    Thanks, Joel!
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    Pics of Gillette injector?

    I'm a big fan of injectors--didn't Gillette also make one to compete with Schick? Does anyone have any pics of a Gillette injector, so I know what to look for? Thanks!
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    Musgo Real/Proraso in Los Angeles?

    Much as I'm grateful for the ability to order on the internet, it's nice to be able to buy locally, too. Does anyone know of any retailers in Los Angeles selling Musgo Real or Proraso shaving creams? I know Bath & Bodyworks carries Proraso under their CO Bigelow banner, but the MDR store...
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    Review by '' on item 'Kiss My Face Unscented (Fragrance Free)'

    I would prefer to buy the LIME scented KMF Shave Cream, but I've not found it locally--and the Bed Bath & Beyond Superstore in my hood has a Health & Beauty section that carries this line--for under $5 for the pump bottle.:smile: Incredibly easy to get LOTS of lather--the only reason I don't...
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    Good political joke

    By golly, here is something that makes fun of both sides: http://www.stunninglybad.com Man, did I have a good laff...*whew*
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    Old Spice: Unbreakable icon shines in plastic

    I luv it: "Packing Digest.Com". There truly is a web site for everything....
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    Personna Matrix 3 razor

    I was checking out the razors at Whole Foods--and they carry the generic Personna Tri-Flexxx, too. I was actually looking at the blades for the recycled razors and bought a pack of their twin blades for my Sensor. Four cartridges for about four bucks. The shave was remarkably good, so I...
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    CVS discontinuing vintage blades?

    About a month ago, whilst picking up blades for my injector at CVS (their 11-count blade dispenser is a bargain!), I noticed they had changed their packaging on some of the vintage blades & put them on sale. To me it looked like they were shooting some life into the old product lines...
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