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  1. TexLaw

    RIP Cokie Roberts

    One of the first and finest female journalists has passed away at 75 from complications due to breast cancer. I heard a great deal of Cokie Roberts over my lifetime, from my childhood on up to the present, on both TV and radio. I cannot think of someone who was more informed, intelligent...
  2. TexLaw

    Easy "No Churn" Ice Cream

    I had to put "no churn" in quotes because it isn't strictly true. You use a blender. A food processor might also work, but the article clearly states that you shouldn't use a stand mixer, as that incorporates too much air. Still, no special machinery is required, nor is much time at all. It...
  3. TexLaw

    Sweet Maria's Moka Kadir

    Does anyone have experience roasting the Moka Kadir blend for espresso? I heard some good things about it, so I got a couple pounds to play with. My first roast was something of a shot in the dark, but it came out reasonably well. This is some good stuff, and I can see it becoming our house...
  4. TexLaw

    Don't Ever Follow This with That

    We all know that you shouldn't drink orange juice right after brush your teeth and that you shouldn't drink a real beer right after a root beer, but what other pairings just should not happen? The one that I just discovered and that inspired this thread: Don't ever follow chocolate covered...
  5. TexLaw

    No-Knead Caraway Rye Bread

    This is the bread that I posted up in the "What's Cooking" thread. There's no magic to it, really. It's just something I adapted from the gazillion no-knead recipes. The major difference from this recipe and what you might find in a lot of books or website recipes is the proportion of rye...
  6. TexLaw

    Airport Drinks

    What is it about drinking at the airport? It's the thing to do, isn't it? I suppose there is travel stress, tedium, and knowing that you're not driving for a while. There's also some community involved. I'm at a small airport right now--five gates total. There are about eight passengers on the...
  7. TexLaw

    Bread Soup (and Other Wonderfully Transformed Leftovers)

    If one is fortunate enough, leftovers are a fact of life. Some of those are fantastic all by themselves, such as leftover pizza for breakfast. Others need some help, the most common of which may be old or stale bread. Since one of the most common methods to "help" leftovers is a soup or stew...
  8. TexLaw

    Gotta Luv FedEx, eh?

    Expecting a delivery that required an "indirect signature" (i.e., sign a release and tack it outside your door), I signed a release and tacked it outside my door. I came home to this: Nice dodge, eh? Don't get me wrong, now. I know driving a delivery truck is a cruddy job. I know...
  9. TexLaw

    New Pellet Cooker - Reviewing the SmokePro LUX 36

    Well, it finally happened. After nearly twenty-five years of running a stick burner, much thought and reflection, and a bit of hand-wringing, I joined the ranks of the pellet heads. Don't get me wrong, now. My Klose offset stays right where it is and still will get hot from time to time...
  10. TexLaw

    Dairy & Egg Free Chocolate Cake

    @Ad Astra, here's that dairy & egg free cake I mentioned: Chocolate Cake: Milk Free & Egg Free Ingredients: Dry: o 1 ½ C cake flour o 4 Tbsp Cocoa o 1 C white sugar o 1 tsp baking powder o 1 tsp baking soda o ½ tsp salt Wet: o 5 Tbsp vegetable oil o 1 Tbsp white...
  11. TexLaw

    FS Single Ring, NEW, Futur, and a Frankenrazor!

    I'm decluttering a bit and submit the following for your consideration: --Gillette 1909 Single Ring (SN A924073) with Case-- $50 The razor is an excellent shaver. One interior tooth is ever so slightly bent that I couldn't really even get it to show on the photos. The top cap is a...
  12. TexLaw

    $1 Shipping at TeaSchwendner Sept. 19-20

    No code necessary. $25 minimum order. US lower 48 only. Shipping is free for $60+ orders, anyhow, but this is a nice time to do a small restock. Cheers!
  13. TexLaw

    Roasting Ethiopian Natural Processed

    I have some natural processed Ethiopian beans that I want to get around to roasting, but I know they take more TLC and a different approach as opposed to roasting washed beans. I've looked around the web and found some articles, but does anyone here have any tips, tricks, warnings, profiles, or...
  14. TexLaw

    How Do I Use This?

    My wife recently related to me a great story, and I've been meaning to share it. Just a bit of background . . . . When our older son started shaving, I got him a brush and a bowl and a puck of soap and let him choose a razor from my gear (he chose a Rocket HD). That's how he's been shaving...
  15. TexLaw

    Beautiful Alaska

    Stellar sea lions and the Herbert Glacier. Juneau, Alaska.
  16. TexLaw

    "Cobb" Salad

    I love a good Cobb salad. Done properly, it is both substantial and refreshing. Crisp romaine, smoky bacon, smooth avocado, sharp blue cheese, bright tomato, silky and earthy egg, and juicy chicken breast (poached or roasted) are all tossed together with a zesty vinaigrette to create a meal...
  17. TexLaw

    R.I.P., Carl Kassell

    It feels like I listened to Carl Kassell for just about forever. I know he's pretty much been off the air for a little while, now, but there's something about knowing that he'll never do my voicemail message at this point . . . . Thanks, Carl. NPR Newscaster Carl Kasell Dies At 84, After A...
  18. TexLaw

    New B&B on the Way!

    Howdy, folks! If you have not read (or noticed) the announcement about the new forum software, I encourage you to go up to the top of the page and read it. It's going to be a move, and it's going to involve adjustment, but I'm looking forward to it. For once, though, I'm going to say that you...
  19. TexLaw

    Pipe Sales

    I know there are a healthy handful of members who have been looking for pipes at lower price points but concerned about estates. Just FYI, I've gotten a few emails over the last couple of days informing me of some great sales where there are some very good quality pipes at or around $45-60...
  20. TexLaw

    $1 Shipping TeaGscwendner

    With $20 purchase, today and tomorrow (1/19-20). No code required. Cheers!