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  1. BJ Rose

    Old English Lavender Shaving Soap House of Devonshire

    I just finished a shave with some Old English Lavender Shaving Soap House of Devonshire, made in Canada. In fact the person I got it from lives in Canada and sent it to me along with some Yardley. Both of these soaps are at least in the 50 year old category and both performed almost exactly...
  2. BJ Rose

    My Water Softener Works Great

    I'm new to synthetics and my stones started to soften up shortly after aquiring them. :oops: Norton 4/8K combo and some Shapton Pros. Not knowing what I was doing, I started doing all kinds of things. Then it dawned on me that my water was coming directly from my water softener. I started using...
  3. BJ Rose

    Is this a KAI?

    I don't normally question my blades, but is this a KIA? Plain white wrapper and no printing on the blade. Is this the future for blade manufacturing? Seems like a counterfitters dream. One blade, one wrapper, and stuff them into whatever box that is wanted.
  4. BJ Rose

    BJ Rose's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Dennis What are your nicknames/aliases? BJ, Denny, Den Where do you live? Mansfield, Ohio What is your age (or) generation? 58 What are you in the real world? Disabled 2 years ago this month What is your favorite shave setup? Mikes Unscented...
  5. BJ Rose

    RazoRock Mission: Which Model Is A Step Up?

    I have the RazoRock Mission, but it seems like the same head is on many of the lower end RazoRocks with different handles. Does anyone know which models have the same heads and which feature a different head? I understand open and closed bar differences. I just can't see the difference in the...
  6. BJ Rose

    Re-Newbie Checking In (I forget why I quit using DE razors)

    Check in from Ohio. I found my way back to DE shaving after developing an allergetic reaction to a chemical found in foam shaving cans. Every time I shaved, my lips would burn and swell up for days. It turned out that sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, (an industrial detergent) was the ingrediant I...