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  1. Granite.Glasser

    Granite.Glasser's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Robert Glasser What are your nicknames/aliases? Bobby "Granite" Glasser Where do you live? Kalamazoo, Michigan, U.S.A., Earth What is your age (or) generation? 57 What are you in the real world? Geologist / Hydrogeologist and Environmental Project Manager What is...
  2. Granite.Glasser

    Gillette Carbon Steel Blades

    Does the Gillette extended family of brands still produce a carbon steel blade? I imagine that carbon steel blades were typically used in razors from the 40s and 50s (though I may be wrong about that). If correct in this assumption, I would like to try a period type of blade in my vintage...
  3. Granite.Glasser


    I like my sideburns perfectly trimmed with a definite "bottom line" that is 100% squared off and, of course, the two sides MUST be equal in all aspects (length, line angle, width...). Even when I come home from the barber shop, I always "adjust" my sideburns with my electric clippers. But how...
  4. Granite.Glasser

    Most Purchased Blade?

    Are there published statistics documenting the most purchased DE razor blade make and model? Either worldwide or by country? I realize that the most purchased or most popular blade may certainly not be the "best" blade (whatever constitutes the best), but I would be quite curious to see the...
  5. Granite.Glasser

    New Blade EVERY time?

    Anybody here prefer to pop in a fresh New Blade (or perhaps a once-used blade) every time you shave? Considering blades cost so little, why not start out with a pristine blade each time you endeavor to shave? We "invest" $$$ heavily in our more "permanent" tools of the trade, i.e. razor(s) and...
  6. Granite.Glasser


    As I am gaining skill, knowledge, and confidence as a wet shaver, I am experiencing the very best and most satisfying shaves of my life! Sure, I have been watching numerous YouTube videos pertaining to various aspects of wet shaving techniques and the culture. I have noticed that folks go to...
  7. Granite.Glasser

    Edwin Jagger DE89 Handles

    Has anyone else ever noticed that some DE89 handles have "Sheffield England" engraved around the ball end of the handle, while others of the very same handle model have a simple knurling around the ball end. My particular EJ DE89 "Barley Chrome" edition has the "Sheffield England" engraved...
  8. Granite.Glasser

    Simpson TULIP Super (Silver Tip) Badger?

    Anybody use a Simpson TULIP brush? They are commercially offered in super (silver tip) badger. I have a Simpson 56 best badger that I absolutely adore and I suppose I just favor these "lesser known" or less popluar series - no chubby for me! Does anyone have a TULIP 1, 2 or 3 and can shed...
  9. Granite.Glasser


    Got my pompadour fade freshened up today my barber and picked up the usual Reuzel pomades for my 'do (Reuzel Gray Extreme Hold Matte, and Reuzel Blue Strong Hold High Shine),... but this time I also picked up some Reuzel Aftershave to complement and cap off my evolving wet shaving experience...
  10. Granite.Glasser

    Polsilver Super Iridium

    Does anyone know the true status regarding the current and/or future production and distribution of the Polsilver Super Iridium blades? I sure would love to try these but fear I would really like them only to find out that are, in fact, no longer in production (again). I'm not about to try...
  11. Granite.Glasser

    Simpson 50 series brushes

    Any fellow Simpson 50 series devotees out there? I found the handles on this "lesser known" series of top quality hand-made British shaving brushes to be absolutely superb! And the Simpson best badger knot is richly dense, with plenty of backbone, and oh soooo soft! I went for the 56 --...
  12. Granite.Glasser

    Very 1st DE razor wet shave of my life today!

    Used my new Edwin Jagger DE89 "Barley Chrome" with an Astra Superior Platinum blade after face lathering with D.R. Harris Marlborough shave soap (hard puck in wooden bowl) using my Simpson 56 Best Badger brush. What an experience!... just felt natural, personal, comfortable, sentual, and oh so...
  13. Granite.Glasser

    New wet shaver here from Kalamazoo, MI!

    57-year young vintage soul and honored to join the distinguished wet shaving brotherhood! Check out the goodies my wife let me go pick out at Maggard Razors in Adrian, Michigan!