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  1. oc_in_fw

    RIP Rip
  2. oc_in_fw

    Tobacquisitions- October 2019

    Let’s see what you got.
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    For those of you on Facebook

    I saw some interesting pipe rests. The first pic includes the maker’s name
  4. oc_in_fw

    Terrance Dicks has died...

    Writer for Doctor Who from the late 60s to early 80s Doctor Who writer and script editor Terrance Dicks dies aged 84
  5. oc_in_fw

    On this Labor Day weekend

    take a moment to remember that there once was people willing to have their heads busted open, and worse, to secure the 40 hour work week, safe working conditions, paid vacations, etc, that we all take for granted now.
  6. oc_in_fw

    Peter Fonda dead at 79

    Peter Fonda, Two-Time Oscar Nominee and Star of 'Easy Rider,' Dies at 79
  7. oc_in_fw

    Rutger Hauer dies at 75
  8. oc_in_fw

    Seen on the ascent of Pikes Peak

    I was looking for our brother @BigFoot , but he never showed.
  9. oc_in_fw

    I have made a medical breakthrough

    I suffer from a little bit of Restless Leg Syndrome, usually when trying to go to sleep. I have found a sure fire cure. Maybe it will get me a Noble Prize in medicine
  10. oc_in_fw

    Arte Johnson dies at 90

    thanks for the laughs Arte Johnson, Master of Manic Characters on 'Laugh-In,' Dies at 90
  11. oc_in_fw

    Lee Iacoccoca has died

    father of the Mustang Lee Iacocca - Wikipedia
  12. oc_in_fw

    Smoke shops in Denver area

    I am going to be in Denver the second week in July. Are there any good B&Ms in the area? My interest is pipe tobacco (if I want a cigar, and I will probably get at least one, they are probably like us- covered up in cigar shops).
  13. oc_in_fw

    Apex predator

    Behold the power of a stealthy apex predator. :) Seriously, I somehow have ended up with a kitten. I hope my feet survive.
  14. oc_in_fw

    Tobacquisitions- June 2019

    I'm a little late with this.
  15. oc_in_fw

    Roger Moore has died

    He is the first Bond that I remember. RIP Sir Roger Moore, James Bond actor, dies aged 89
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    Tobacquisitions- May 2019

    New month, new acquisitions
  17. oc_in_fw

    Anyone ever cure their own lox?

    I stumbled upon this: Learn How to Make Lox
  18. oc_in_fw

    Ron Sweed (the Ghoul) dead at 70

    a regional celeb, but many of us grew up watching him. I watched him during his Cleveland years. Ron Sweed, TV’s “The Ghoul,” dies at age 70
  19. oc_in_fw

    Tobacquisitions- April 2019

    Let’s see what goodies this month brings.
  20. oc_in_fw

    Tobacquisitions- March 2019

    It’s a new month, one that includes March Meerschaum Madness. Let’s see your acquisitions.