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  1. Doc4

    Picture tag

  2. Doc4

    Looking for a deep dark green ink

    Of course, samples from Goulet Pens is the way to go. The 5 O'Clock Shadow is unobtanium.
  3. Doc4

    Quick advice, please ... 1.1 or 1.5 nib for calligraphy?

    A lot of the options you will have access to offer inexpensive replacement nibs or nib sections, so "get both" is a reasonable option. Pilot Plumix is a great, cheap 1.1mm option, by the way! Anyhow, what I find is that 1.5mm is better for a few bold words, while 1.1mm is better for longer...
  4. Doc4

    Business Travel - Bag of choice

    Were I back to square one and in need of buying a bag, I'd probably get the Sky Train instead of the Air Boss, for the backpack straps and the two-instead-of-three main compartments.
  5. Doc4

    Baker's Dozen-Corrupt a Title-Books Edition

    Your book moved geographically . . . longitudinally or latitudinally 1. West of Eden . . . Steinbeck 2. A Tree Grows in Los Angeles ... Betty Smith 3. South to Alaska ... Debbie Macomber 4. Down and Out in Paris (Kentucky) and London (Ontario) ... George Orwell 5. And Quiet Flows the Danube ...
  6. Doc4

    Picture tag

  7. Doc4

    Baker's Dozen - Corrupt a T.V. Series Edition

    Your tv show is getting ready for Christmas ... 1. The Partridge in a Pear Tree Family
  8. Doc4

    Baker's Dozen - Corrupt a T.V. Series Edition

    Your show had a nice Thanksgiving. 1. Say Yes To The Dressing 2. Orange is the New Potato 3. H. R. Pufnstuffing 4. The Love Gravy Boat 5. Happy Thanksgiving Days 6. Family Pies 7. Cranberry R.F.D. 8. Orange Saturday is the new Black Friday 9. M.A.S.H. potatoes 10. The Man in the Thigh Castle...
  9. Doc4

    leaky bottle or normal?

    Clearly, what you have there is an aftershave balm, not a splash.
  10. Doc4

    Guess that movie quote

    There is a Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bogart repeatedly asks that question.
  11. Doc4

    Guess that movie quote

  12. Doc4

    Business Travel - Bag of choice

    I'm a fan of the Red Oxx bags, and have an Air Boss which I really like.
  13. Doc4

    Watch Battery Replacement

    In New Jersey it's illegal to change your own watch battery.
  14. Doc4

    Guess that movie quote

    Can you help a fellow American down on his luck?
  15. Doc4

    Picture tag

  16. Doc4

    Guess that movie quote

    The Magnificent Seven
  17. Doc4

    Picture tag

  18. Doc4

    What is the most expensive FP you lost?

    My first "good" FP: a black Pelikan 205. (I had a cheap-o pen in highschool but gave up with it starting in the workforce after university. Then a few years later (prompted by B&B posts) I returned to the FP world with that Pelikan. About a year later it disappeared. I was so fond of using...
  19. Doc4

    Your "go-to" nibblies to go with Port ... ??

    ... and this from the guy who survived eating the atomic pepper.
  20. Doc4

    Help me find a new bag

    Certainly check out the offerings from Red Oxx ... quality stuff that lives up to its "made in USA" pricetag.
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