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  1. Audiolab

    Vintage Gillette Orange Blade - Help

    Hi There, I am looking for some advice on these blades. I paid more than I wanted for an Aristocrat #47 that was in near mint condition. I stuck it in the cupboard waiting on me getting round to the cleaning and Barbicide treatment before trying it. Last night I took it out to clean it and...
  2. Audiolab

    My first straight and strop (with pics)

    Today I got a call to tell me a package has arrived. I am only waiting on my first straight razor and strop so I guess it is here:biggrin: I have been a wetshaver all my life and a DE shaver for several years now. The itch to try a straight has been getting stronger now and and I felt the...
  3. Audiolab

    My new arrivals (Roket and Flare Tip)

    Today I got home to a nice package of two razors waiting on me from one of our forum members (merwtje). A very nice condition cased HD Roket and a Flare Tip, both very clean and in mint condition, door mechanisim very smooth and they have a nice weight to them. It is going to be a tough one...
  4. Audiolab

    Muhle R41 Old Version (2008)

    I have been considering a Muhle R41 open comb for a while now and I came across a retailer in the UK who still has the old R41 version, the 2008 model is supposed to be a little more agressive than the 2009 version so I was keen to get one before they are all gone. Complete with the fancy Muhle...
  5. Audiolab

    1927 Rolls Razor Imperial No2 Advice

    Hi there, As we all know the bay is not a great place for the bargain razor hunter these days. Last week I decided to make a point of stopping by my local charity shops every now and again and asking if they have had DE's or straights donated. The idea is to start to build a relationahip with...
  6. Audiolab

    Gold Gillette Open Comb and Restoration?

    As promised on this thread….. http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=86158 Here are some pictures of my recently acquired Gillette open comb, it is a British one so no date code but I believe it is from around 1939. To be honest the razor itself was already in first class condition...
  7. Audiolab

    Can anyone ID this blurry pic?

    Hi there, I seen this on the bay recently and didn't buy it, in fact the auction ended with no one buying it but it bugged me that I could not identify it even using MR Razors site. Can anyone ID this razor? It is clearly a balll end (which doesn't help much) it has what looks like...
  8. Audiolab

    Out of Production Blades

    Reading a few of the recent hunts for Swedes I wondered if anyone could tell me which (if any) other blades have gone out of production in the recent past? Looking at another site I see "Nacet" as no longer available. So far that’s, Gillette Swedes Nacet ? Anyone know of any...
  9. Audiolab

    Mantik's Videos on You Tube

    OK so here I am sitting at 3.15am suffering an insomniac night and was watching some car videos (honest) when I stumbled across Mantik's shaving guide videos on You Tube. I had watched every one before getting into wet shaving but watching them again I found it a nice “back to...
  10. Audiolab

    Merkur 37C v 39C Slant

    Hi there, Long time lurker first time poster. I have a quick question that I hope someone can answer. Is the Merkur Slant 39C just the same as a 37C slant with a longer handle? I was given the impression by a retailer that the 39C is a more agressive razor. I really fancy trying a slant...
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