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  1. Deltaboy

    Crockpot Italian Chicken

    4 Chicken Breast 1 package of Zesty Italian Seasonings 1 brick of cream cheese softened 2 cans of Cream of Chicken Soup Cook on Low for 4 hours If sauce is too thick add some milk Serve alone or over Pasta or Rice.
  2. Deltaboy

    Mississippi Mud Roast

    Here one crock pot dish I keep making. I made it with both Beef roast and Pork Roast ,I just use the matching meat gravy mix. Prep time: 1 min Cook time: 6 hours Total time: 6 hours 1 min Serves: 6 A quick and easy slow cooker beef pot roast Ingredients 3 pound Chuck Roast 1 package of...
  3. Deltaboy

    I'm going old school!

    Starting to smoke a pipe again and I going to get 2 classics! Prince Albert and Sir Walter Raleigh plus some Bulge Boy!
  4. Deltaboy

    New Cheese dip

    1lb. ground beef 1 box block chili (Famous, Four Star, Ziegler's) 1 lb. Velveeta 1 can Rotel 1 half pint whipping cream brown and season beef, add block chili and heat thoroughly, cube up Velveeta, add in , stir until melted, add rotel and heat everthing until thoroughly hot, remove from neat...
  5. Deltaboy

    What happened to Barbersol After Shaves ?

    Brisk is all I can still find?
  6. Deltaboy


    What color number red paint do I need for my Red Tip and the same for my Blue Tip Razors!
  7. Deltaboy

    SE GEM blades have disappeared from my town.

    Walgreens, CVS, HEB and Walmart along with Family Dollar and Dollar General all have dropped SE blades. I am in Cleburne Texas 20 minutes South of Fort Worth.
  8. Deltaboy

    Smoking and Spray Deodorant is Dangerous

    Here’s how deodorant blew up this car and sent a man to the hospital, police say Baltimore County Police spokeswoman Jennifer Peach told the Baltimore Sun. An unidentified man rolled down the front windows of his Chevy at around 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Peach said, and put on some aerosol...
  9. Deltaboy

    My Micromatic Gem Razor

    Gem Microcromitic SE Razor in a dark bakelite box. Gem Microcromitic SE Razor in a dark bakelite box. Gem Microcromitic SE Razor in a dark bakelite box.
  10. Deltaboy

    Boo Hiss my Work blocked B&B

    Went to work this past week and the Technology Dept blocked all forums at Work.
  11. Deltaboy

    Jack Black Mens Products been Sold Per the Dallas Morning News.

    Carrollton-based Jack Black sold to company that owns Schick, Hawaiian Tropic, Playtex, Carefree, Wet Ones | Retail | Dallas News Jack Black, the men's skincare brand founded in Dallas in 2000, has agreed to be sold to St. Louis-based Edgewell Personal Care Co. for an undisclosed price.
  12. Deltaboy

    What happened to GEM SE blades being in B&M Stores

    I went out last week and found none at Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, HEB or Kroger ?? I guess I will order some off Amazon next time I make an order.
  13. Deltaboy

    Pocket knife review Taylor Made 8OT stockman

    Back in 2004 when Schrade USA closed their trade rigthts were bought out by Taylor Brands and for the first 4-8 years the quality and heat treat were hit and miss at best. But 2 years ago I started seeing You Tube videos from various people about the Top notch Quality and Control the Taylor was...
  14. Deltaboy

    What driving up the prices on Store brand pipe Tobacco?

    I was toying with getting a tub of Prince Albert but it jumped in Price from $34.00 in Dec to $56 bucks this week. Bugler and Sir Walter R. have gone up also !
  15. Deltaboy

    New Shave Cream ZIRH

    Found it at TJ MAXX. Aloe Vera SHAVE Cream made in the USA.
  16. Deltaboy

    20% off any one item at Bed Bath and Beyond.

    Coupon in today's Sunday edition of USA Weekend magazine you get in your Sunday paper. Page 13, In store only and it is good till 1/12/15.
  17. Deltaboy

    Holiday Razors

    Do you have any special razors you shave with during the Holidays? I shave with my Great Grandfathers Gold Aristocrat and Grandpa's Gem Jr or Gold Tech.
  18. Deltaboy

    Pipes with filters.

    Can you buy filter or do as the previous owner and insert a folded section of pipe cleaner in there??
  19. Deltaboy

    Billy Jealous

    A new line of men's shaving and beard products available currently at Nordstrom stores in DFW. I was out visiting a sick friend and stopped by the Galleria Mall in Dallas on the way home. I meet Blake Bennison who is the Regional Rep for Billy Jealous in DFW you can contact him at 972 904...
  20. Deltaboy

    Van Der Hagen Luxury Shave Soap now at Wal-Mart!

    When to my Wal-Mart in Cleburne Tx Saturday and behold they have the Luxury SHAVE soap and the red boxed VDH Shaving kit on the shelves. Puck was $3:75 and the kit was about $25:0 bucks.