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  1. Lyon Heart

    Looking for Advice on Repairing Horn Scales

    I've got a few razors with horn scales that have some damage and am looking for advice on two approaches before I try them. For worm holes, someone on another forum recommended Hornoxy (a blend of epoxy and dust from sanding a similar colored horn.) The approaches I'm thinking of trying for...
  2. Lyon Heart

    Challenged with Removing Pitting

    A couple weeks ago, I picked up a small lot of razors. Someone had posted a fuzzy picture of their old razors on a table, asked for a cheap price and a couple of them looked interesting. one of them was a Puma Special 68 (or 89, depending on how you read it) I oil it, sanded it with some...
  3. Lyon Heart

    What do you call those Slim Straight Razors?

    I've come across a few razors like my 3/8ths W&B (pic attached). It sharpened up great and gives a surprisingly good shave on its own. However, I've frequently referred to these sized straights as mustache trimmers, assuming that there is some class of straight razor that is just meant for...
  4. Lyon Heart

    Repairing Buffalo Horn Scales

    I picked up this 8/8ths Wade & Butcher last week. I've refinished enough blades back to gently polished and shave ready that I'm good with the blade and experienced at re-pinning. I'm inclined to make an attempt to repair the scales rather than splurge on a new set. The pivot pin end is quite...
  5. Lyon Heart

    What's Your Latest "Great Antique Store Find"?

    I've just had a couple summer weekends heading out to cottages and rummaging through small town antique shops to see if they have any straight razors. I thought that I'd share my latest great find and hopefully hear from others having similar outcomes in small town shops. In a day and age when...
  6. Lyon Heart

    Questioning the Age of a Wood & Co. Razor from York

    I picked up a razor through eBay the other day as part of a lot. It has an old box labelled "Wood & Co. Cutlers York" I've found a picture of J. Wood & Co. (established 1760). It's a crazy thick wedge. The pins are polished steel with no washers and steel spacer between the scales. The...
  7. Lyon Heart

    Leather Scales on a John Watts Frameback

    I decided that I should try my hand at restoring and shaving with a frameback and was lucky enough to find a John Watts frameback and got it plus shipping for $28.00Cdn. It showed up yesterday in excellent shape but I first assumed that the scales were rubber and badly aged. With a second...
  8. Lyon Heart

    Looking to Identify this Crown Stamp

    I picked up this blade for $10 that came in a tin box. I haven't been able to identify the "F & W." nor the Crown Brand Stamp. I've assumed the handle is translucent horn (but then again, I'd assumed the handle on my last posting was ivory). If there are any sure fire ways of identifying the...
  9. Lyon Heart

    Has anyone seen a Joseph Stones & Son razor from Sheffield?

    I've been picking up a number of razors from flee markets and antique shops, refinishing them and using them. Yesterday I picked-up this 65 gram wedge with an ivory handle. Its labelled Joseph Stones and Son, Sheffield and I'm trying to figure out its age. I haven't found any mention of the...
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