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  1. merovirginian

    What's your soap for today?

    Murphy and McNeil Green Man
  2. merovirginian

    Favorite vegan soaps?

    Upcoming vegan soap purchases for me are SV and La Toja. I asked a similar question a bit ago, to the extent it helps. https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/what-is-your-favorite-non-tallow-non-lanolin-shaving-soap.592361/
  3. merovirginian

    Karve Christopher Bradley Widebody Brass

    I would disagree with that. From A to D (I have them all), there is no difference in the smoothness of the shave. But, the shaves are definitely more efficient up the scale, and the blade feel (and exposure) gets more pronounced too. I tend to think of aggressiveness as a combination of blade...
  4. merovirginian

    Wolfman Wednesday

    @It's Hedley Love those matches and the random sparkling wine cork!
  5. merovirginian

    Wolfman Wednesday

    WR2 1.05, PermaSharp (2), Zingari Man Nomad, followed up with Stirling Sharp Dressed Man aftershave (glacial). 4 days of growth and the razor mowed 'em all down.
  6. merovirginian

    Green irish tweed inspired..recommendations

    I second the Murphy and McNeil Crann Bethadh. Wonderful soap and scent. M&M is the standard by which I judge all soaps now. I will also recommend the Stirling Eskimo Tuxedo (when it's in stock), which is just a strongly mentholated Sharp Dressed Man.
  7. merovirginian

    Saponificio Veresino

    Saponificio Varesino is quite the popular soap, in my opinion, most especially if you are looking at non-tallow soaps. To be fair, I don't have any SV, but I anticipate that will soon be remedied. One of the reasons I posted this a bit ago was to explore this area—SV was the 2nd most popular by...
  8. merovirginian

    My favorite brush

    Any synthetic that can shine as a face latherer is a welcome addition to anyone's den. Happy lathering!
  9. merovirginian

    Brush Acquisition Thread

    My very first @Rudy Vey handle is on the way. I have it paired with a Turn n Shave 'shoat'/boar knot that's also on the way. Super excited. Rudy was fantastic to deal with. I could not recommend him more for a custom handle or a whole brush (and yes, I'm already planning on that whole brush...
  10. merovirginian

    Wolfman Wednesday

    I agree with @BradWorld . I have no experience with Timeless, but, if you like the Karve D, then I would suggest your minimum WR2 is a 1.15. That's a real minimum though. The D has too much blade feel for me, and I really enjoy the 1.05. If I liked the D, I'd be leaning more to the 1.25. I've...
  11. merovirginian

    Black Friday Sale at Pasteur's Pharmacy in NYC

    Since Pasteur's finally opened up an online shop, I though some might like to know they will have 15% off on the 26th and 27th this year. A little Martin de Candre at that price might be nice little treat, no? https://www.pasteurshaving.com
  12. merovirginian

    Wolfman Wednesday

    @TJ19 Love that Amphora Jar-style handle. Now back to Wolfmanning...
  13. merovirginian

    How Much Does A Blade Matter

    In my mind, I think blades should not matter. A properly honed straight razor should be fine for all, right? I do not own a straight razor though. I do have safety razors. For whatever reason, I have found A blade works wonderfully in Z razor, but B blade does not. But, B blade works...
  14. merovirginian

    Which blade did you toss today? After how many uses?

    Dorco Prime Platinum (6)
  15. merovirginian

    What's your soap for today?

    Murphy and McNeil Gael Laoch
  16. merovirginian

    Going through a 'Synthetics Phase'

    My 26mm Quartermoon fan is the best synthetic I've experienced. To be fair, I've tried some tuxedos, a silver synth, and a synbad. But, for whatever reason, Turn n Shave 26 mm is great. It's my go-to travel/vacation brush right now as well. Uh, I've been away from the house more than 12+ hours...
  17. merovirginian

    Wolfman Wednesday

    Wolfman WR2 1.05, Dorco Prime Platinum (5), and the lovely Zingari Man Sego Nomad.
  18. merovirginian

    What's your soap for today?

    Stirling Spice
  19. merovirginian

    What's your soap for today?

    Murphy and McNeil Tartan
  20. merovirginian

    Better boar brushes?

    I don't rightly know. A search on "shoat" indicates that it's young boar hair? Perhaps a juvenile male one? I trust Milton so I'm very interested. It's probably my next brush. I do agree the price seems high for a boar knot, but, again, I trust Milton and his work. I'm not looking at full gel...
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