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  1. primotenore

    FS Santa Maria Novella Sandalwood Aftershave

    I HAVE to make room in my ridiculously, over-crowded shave den. This is a ONE-TIME (ONCE) used bottle of Santa Maria Novella Sandalo (Sandalwood) aftershave. 99.99% remaining. New Price: $75.00 + Shipping Priced to SELL: $50.00 Shipped/CONUS/PayPal. PM if interested.
  2. primotenore

    FS Turtleship Shave Co. Bay Rum Shave Soap

    One miniscule amount removed for a test lather. Scooped. No brush has touched this soap. Essentially brand new. Paid $16.00 + shipping Yours for $15.00 Shipped/CONUS/PayPal. PM me if interested.
  3. primotenore

    FS Barrister and Mann Lot

    Gotta make room in the den, so I am selling this lot of Barrister and Mann products. Seville soap is about 70% Leviathan is about 80% Lavender is about 90% Here, you can see the levels of the aftershaves. Leviathan is no longer available. Seville aftershave is not available. Retail price...
  4. primotenore

    WTB Valobra Patchouly Shave Soap

    Just like the title says. Please PM me, if you would be willing to sell me one. Thank you.
  5. primotenore

    WTB The Shaving Shop The Deal Maker

    Please PM me if you have one to sell. Thank you.
  6. primotenore

    FS Chiseled Face Soaps (Silk Formula)

    I want to sell these two Chiseled Face Soaps as a lot, in the new Silk Formula and each lathered exactly once. Sherlock and Ghost Town Barber. Paid $35.00 Shipped Sell $25.00 Shipped/PayPal/Conus PM me. Thanks for looking.
  7. primotenore

    Is this a Floating Head?

    Need some help from the Barbasol experts. Is this Barbasol the "Floating Head" model?
  8. primotenore

    WTB Klar Kabinett

    I am looking for some Klar Kabinett soap. 250g or preferably 500g. PM me. Thanks.
  9. primotenore

    FS WTS: Murphy & McNeil Soap/AS

    Lathered exactly once. Ouroboros shave soap and aftershave splash (alcohol/no-menthol) Paid $45.00 Shipped Your price $30.00 Shipped/PayPal/Conus. PM me if interested. Thanks for looking.
  10. primotenore

    WTB Cooper Monobilt Razor

    In good to excellent condition, please. PM me. Thanks,
  11. primotenore

    FT WTT: MdC Original for MdC Rose

    I have a 95%+ Martin de Candre Original (Lavender) and I am looking for a jar of the MdC Rose. See photos: (Note, this is the newer plastic jar, so the weight is seems less, but it is almost full. PM me if you want to make a trade. Thanks for looking.
  12. primotenore

    FS Sold, Please Archive: Morris & Forndran Brushes

    Selling my Pre-Sears, all Lee Sabini Morris & Forndran Two Band brushes. 1) 2XL in Briar Blonde Badger 28mm 2) Polo 2 Finest Badger 26mm 3) Victorian 1 24mm Finest Badger 4) Beehive 2 25mm Finest Badger These brushes are the finest of the fine. They have been lovingly taken care of and...
  13. primotenore

    New addition to Primo's den...

    Lovely Simpson Milk Churn in Best Badger. Wonderful knot...zero scritch.
  14. primotenore

    WTB Simpson: "Made in England Sterilized" Decal

    Hi all, This may be a long shot, but I thought I would give it a go. As the title says, I am looking for one of these decals. PM me, if you have one. Thanks for looking.
  15. primotenore

    WTB: Eufros Sandalo

    Looking to purchase a tin of Eufros Sandalo. If you have one to sell, please pm me. Thanks for reading.
  16. primotenore

    WTB Eufros Tobacco Soap

    If you are willing to part with this soap, I would be anxious to purchase. PM me. Thanks for reading.
  17. primotenore

    WTB WTB: Myrsol Don Carlos 1972 AS

    Looking for a bottle of this AS Please let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks for reading.
  18. primotenore

    WTB Rooney Heritage Two Band

    Hello all, I would like to purchase a Rooney Heritage Two Band (i.e.2XL) 26mm or larger. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thank you for reading. Primo
  19. primotenore

    Joined in 2014, but still a B&B Newbie...

    Morning all, I created my account here in three years ago, but have never really taken part. I have been active on other Fora, but am interested in becoming more involved with B&B. Shaving for over 45 years, but enjoying my shaves since 2014. I love talking shaving, equipment, etc. and...
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