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  1. Juanmosey

    Burt's Bees AS black tube definitely worth a try

    Getting harder to get locally. I use it after using splash since alcohol may give slight irritation. Very cooling and scent free for the most part. I'm think maybe Lucky Tiger is similar except it has a scent?
  2. Juanmosey

    250ml PREP the best preshave cream for under $15.00 from Walmart site. Here's how.

    Log into your Walmart account or make an account. Then with a different tab Google Prep 250ml pre shave and the Walmart price will come up. You'll see. Then link to that tab not your original page. $14.97 from West Coast shaving with free shipping. For some reason if you search from the Walmart...
  3. Juanmosey

    I was a little disappointed in my Weishi TTO even with Gillette Russian blades then...

    I popped in a Personna Lab blue and got even a better shave than my 1967 Super Speed. I'll even go further and say "Shave of the year." Crazy thing is the first blade I used was a Super Iridium and it didn't even cut! Crazy huh?
  4. Juanmosey

    Bought one of those Weishi 9306s from Amazon

    I figured if my 1967 Super Speed broke or if I retired it the Weishi would shave the same and for $10 what the heck. The finish is fine and with a little oil it works smoothly like the 1967. However, I was expecting a shave like a Tech but mine, for some reason, is way more aggressive. Two...
  5. Juanmosey

    My bright shiny new Weishi came with Weishi blades (was hoping for Dorcos)

    Are they even worth trying? Is it like shaving with a Zaza, lol!
  6. Juanmosey

    If I regularly use a 1967 black handle Super Speed would I find the Viking Jr. too mild?

    I recently returned a Krona because it was too mild. The Viking has a "cooler" look to me than the Baili and I like the gray color and embossing. I don't want to go any milder than what I'm using. Then again Amazon has a great return policy.
  7. Juanmosey

    Ever use ethanol free gas in your car?

    Any difference in the way it runs? Maverik here has it and I want to try it.
  8. Juanmosey

    Used the 7 O'clock Green Super Stainless today

    With a 1967 Super Speed. Not quite as sharp as Nacet but smoother. More like the Lab Blue. I'd take these over the GSB or Nacet. Face feel so far is better too I believe due to not being super sharp. 3 pass shave too.
  9. Juanmosey

    I'm shopping around for a Schick Krona

    Think I'll like it? I have a 1967 Gillette Super Speed. Is it possible to get items like that NOS?
  10. Juanmosey

    After using GSBs and Nacets I tried a Lab blue again.

    The shave was at least as good as the Gillettes. I'd even say a tad better. BBC, zero irritation and not even a red pencil dot. Yes, they were the smudged blades. Hot towel/Prep pre-shave, Barbasol Aloe with Yaqi synthetic with Aliexpress $7.95 razor (beats my 1967 Super Speed by a mile!).
  11. Juanmosey

    How do I turn off the search history in the browser search window Google Chrome Windows 10?

    A week ago I did the updates and it and it took 4 hours. Now when I search in the browser window all the history comes up. Nothing in the settings has a turn off switch not auto-fill, nothing. I must of done it before cause it wasn't showing before the updates. Is there a better browser.
  12. Juanmosey

    75% off all Bigelow shave creams at Bed Bath and Beyond!

    I got 2 small tubes normally $5 each for $2.70 after tax. I'd call the store before you go. Made by Proraso and I read it's the same. Nice to get a travel tube.
  13. Juanmosey

    My new Fine Marvel razor

    The finish is beautiful-no flaws. Blade aligns. Heavy but balanced. Chunky not clunky. I'm not fond of knurling and if you're not you'll love the handle. If the Merkur 34 and Gillette Tech is too mild you'll like this. Used it with a Nacet today. BBS no problem. As most reviewers say, " A 2 pass...
  14. Juanmosey

    FS Shaverboy SS razor w/100 blades, 1954 Gillette Tech

    Shaveboy is the stainless version which I believe has been discontinued and is in new condition. The Tech was purchased from Shave Mercantile at the end of March. Would like to sell both together. $25 each or $40 for both and I'll pay shipping.
  15. Juanmosey

    Ever trying loosening up the handle on your Yaqi DOC?

    I used mine today and to experiment loosened the handle on my DOC head since on my jaw area I still had a lot of stubble. This thing got real aggressive all of a sudden, so I kept it just to the jaw area where I don't cut easily. If you do, do it maybe 1/4 turn back from snug and see what...
  16. Juanmosey

    Is this used razor chrome or nickel?

  17. Juanmosey

    After sampling several different blades the best one was...

    The Gilllette Silver Blue. Smoother than the Kai, Feather, Nacet, Iridium, Rubie and both Personnas (meds and blues). But what I really like is they come double wrapped and glue on only one side so I put the glued side down so there's little contact with metal. The only blade that gave me zero...
  18. Juanmosey

    Razorock Barbershop Blue does it smell like Aqua Velva?

    And how long does it linger?
  19. Juanmosey

    Before you order anything from AliExpress...

    remember. March 27th I ordered the short gold handle for my DOC head. It took until May 1st to get to Los Angeles where it remained until yesterday. It's now in Carson CA just south of LA and hopefully it'll move normally now.
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