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  1. curtis909

    tabula rasa?

    I have tried quite a few creams such as SMN, Acqua Di Parma, Penhaligon's along with Trumpers and AOS over the years. Nothing so far has enhanced my shaves like Tabula Rasa. I tried the unscented first and now have bought the vetyver scented and wow what cream. Amazing to me that it took me...
  2. curtis909

    Hello from NC

  3. curtis909


    +1 Just about the coolest thought I have heard in awhile. Now that would be grand to awake to a cut throat laid upon my neck every morning by a master barber. :001_smile
  4. curtis909


    Guys trust me i am not advocating using a fusion or any of the multi bladed contraptions Gillette is making. I agree it is hard to beat a DE or Straight shave. The cost was not why I switched either it was just a combination of finding a more enjoyable way to scrape this barbwire jungle off my...
  5. curtis909


    I was wondering if all things considered and the new Gillette blades were the same price as a double edge blade would their still be a debate on which ones we enjoyed using. I from time to time use a fusion more so when i am traveling and for me at least i get a a shave as close as my Edwin...
  6. curtis909

    What is holding him up

    If I tried to shave to the sex pistols with a straight my head would wind up in a guillotine basket....:001_smile
  7. curtis909

    What is holding him up

    +1 I am not sure why I even started a thread maybe it was because I did not want to see this alone. :laugh:
  8. curtis909

    What is holding him up

    My exact thoughts when I watched it. I had to go back and see if i was awake when i viewed it the first time. :w00t:
  9. curtis909

    What is holding him up

    I promise if you watch this you will cringe......:wink2: Well at least he isn't feeling any pain.....:wink2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVIuyQFz0zo&feature=related
  10. curtis909

    What's your closest-shaving cream?

    Acqua Di Parma
  11. curtis909

    New female user...

    Welcome to you and your hubby...:001_smile
  12. curtis909

    New guy going DE to save face

    Enjoy a great group of guys.
  13. curtis909

    First Simpsons Brush Ordered Today

    Nice choice. I just bought a tulip 2 band from a member really nice brush. It is really hard to go wrong with a simpson's brush IMHO. Enjoy the brush.
  14. curtis909

    My Shave Den!!

    +1 and behind door number one is.....:001_smile
  15. curtis909

    Am I alone?

    Most of us here are bonded by the simple pleasure of enjoying our shaves what we use and how we get there is truly up to each of us. Just saying.... :)
  16. curtis909

    A Cain and Able story.. of sorts (or a cream review)

    Okay i will assist you guys and take your penhaligon's cream off your hands. My favorite cream by a landslide. If your tired of looking at that jar pm me and i will relieve you of your pain. :001_smile Just keep it reasonable please.:wink1::wink1:: By the way that is one killer brush...
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